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The "Well That Felt Like a Stampede from Start to Finish" Department

At awards at Morris, it seemed as though I could feel the team sink a little lower into their seats with each event that was announced where we did not have any placers. But the entire mood changed and so did your energy when Faith and McKinley won Top Novice for their HDA. There was a buzz through the seats that actually made me excited, and not just for Faith and McKinley, but for the entire team. I liked that. When nobody else's name was called for placing, I'll admit I was surprised, but I can say for certain that I was in no way disappointed with our showing.

One of my greatest fears as a coach, is that I will screw something up, or something that should go smoothly will not go smoothly at all. A bus not showing up for us on Saturday realized the latter half of that fear. I will say that we were very lucky to have been able to make the arrangement that we were able to make to use a white lightning and get assistance from Mrs. Beyer for transportation. I legitimately thought that we would have to cancel, I'd have to have you all call your parents to be picked up, and we would have all been deprived of an opportunity to show our stuff.

That said, first round ruined several of our days. I know I was still flustered about halfway though the first round, and I didn't even have a speech to give! As I said, I am proud of our performances. Our first-time performers came out swinging and it showed! Still, 6 of us were killed by a bad round. While that will happen from time to time, we cannot afford for that to happen to 6 of our competitors in one day. Had we been consistent in our scoring across rounds, we would have easily beaten 4 more schools.

Other schools are watching us. We aren't knocking on Coal City's or Morris's door just yet, but they see us coming. Their coaches have told me that they are watching. BBCHS is a sleeping giant of talent, and we are waking up. They aren't afraid of us yet, but they know what's coming and they're keeping an eye on us. #boilerup

5 Funniest Events from the Morris Tournament:

1. The announcement that we have no bus to Morris results in deadpan stares as Coach Macholz becomes the bus driver. The team is astonished to find out that in a former life, their coach was a truck driver.

2. Jack Fetterer has no intro, and doesn't know the author of his piece, so he makes one up and just goes with it. The judge had no idea. Nice fake out, Jack!

3. Morris's Emily Trader makes the move to Dramatic Interpretation just to ruin Maddy Ellexson's life.

4. Aisa Rogers endures a 15 minute poetry reading of The Nightmare Before Christmas in its entirety. Jack Skellington and all.

5. Ariel Denton falls down the stairs. McKinley threatens to fight said stairs. We will be back to Morris for Regionals, so The Rumble in the Stairwell is on. Place your bets with Coach Lamore!

It was a hilarious day! Keep it up!

Team Point Leaders

For some reason displaying the top 9, and not even all of that!

Best of Rounds!

First Place Finishes in Rounds Shown, Total For Season in Brackets

  1. Maddy Ellexson - DI - 1 [ 1 ]
  2. Many more to come! (or else.)

The Captains' Corner

Maddy's Musings: Hey everybody! The tournament was great this weekend. Don't be discouraged if you didn't place, Morris is a piece of work. However, all together, we did rather well. Shout out to McKinley and Faith for getting top novice! The goal this week is to work on what the judges critiqued. Work hard and perform hard. Don't psych yourself out. You all are capable of placing and going far. I'm sending you luck from where I am. Good luck guys and do your best at this next tournament!

Let's go, Boilers!

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