Williamsburg Photo Journal: Peyton Randolph By Sam Korff

Picture courtesy of: http://www.history.org/almanack/people/bios/images/randolphchair.jpg

My Trip To Jamestown

The Musket

The musket is made of mainly wood and metal. It also included a ramrod, used to push the bullet into the gun. The barrel of the gun was made of wood, while the place where the gunpowder was stored was metal. This was called the lock. Additionally, the people who used muskets, typically English soldiers, had rope which they lit, called the match, and they attached to the matchlock to fire it. The musket was usually used for fighting, and it's tremendous noise was helpful in scaring the Native Americans. This tool was introduced by the English when they came to the New World.

The Yehakins

This photo shows a few Yehakins, which was what the houses of the Indigenous Americans were called. These houses were home to single families. They weren't as big as the longhouses lived in by the Indians up north. As you may have noticed, there are hatches on the top of the Yehakins. These hatches were used as chimneys in a way. The mother always had a fire going in the house to protect everyone from bugs and rodents, as well as to dry the food. However, she didn't want too much smoke in the Yehakin, so she would open or close the hatch depending on how much smoke she needed.

A picture of the hatch from inside a Yehakin.


The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is a tremendously large building, with many large paintings and beautiful windows on the inside. There are many different meeting rooms, such as the courtroom, and the room of the House of Burgesses. I work in both of them, as the King's Attorney General and the speaker of the House of Burgesses. Additionally, there are many pictures of British monarchs, such as this painting of Queen Anne.

Queen Anne of Great Britain

Additionally, there are many meeting rooms, such as this one with a map in the background in the picture below. That map was made in 1755 by John Mitchell, and it was the most commonly used map during the 18th century.

A meeting room with the Mitchell Map in the background

This is the speaker's chair in the House of Burgesses. I would sit here when the House of Burgesses convened. The House of Burgesses is the main government in Virginia and we can pass laws and create taxes.

The green table is where I sit when I act as the King's Attorney General. As Attorney General, I listen to the case, and then decide whether or not the crime is severe enough to be tried in front of the court. The other people in this room would try people and decide whether or not they were guilty of the felonies of which they were accused.

The Randolph House

This is my house, and it is one of the nicest in the colony. Some people who would come to visit me would be George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, my cousin, Patrick Henry, and my brother John Randolph. It has two floors and a back area for my slaves. Additionally, it has a parlor, my wife's closet, a study, a storage room, a dining room, an upstairs parlor, and multiple bedrooms.

This is my study and it is my favorite room in the house. It is my quiet space, and it stores all of my valuable books. In addition, it is where I get most of my work done.

This is my bedchamber. You can spot the draperies on my bed, as well as a fireplace. Also, to the right of the farthest right drape, you can see my chamber pot chair. You can also spot my nightstand, and some of my china.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith's shop is very hot due to the fire and smells like smoke and burning metal. You can hear the sounds of men pounding on the hot metal, and feel the excellently crafted tools on display.

This fancy, smooth doorhinge is one I might buy for my dining room, as well as my parlor, because I would want to impress my guests.

Additionally, the long metal item in the middle is one of the items I might purchase in order to move the logs around in my fireplace. Plus, the item on the far right might be purchased as a door stopper. Also, I might purchase the spoons for my wife to use as cooking utensils. I would most likely send one of my slaves to purchase these things, however if I wanted something specialized, I would make the trip myself.

The Wig Maker

The wig maker's shop is a nice color, with a beautiful display of wigs in the glass window. It smells like hair, and many different wigs have different feels. It is where I would go to get the new fashion of wigs.

In the shop there are many types of hair accessories, such as wigs and hair extenders if people can't afford normal wigs. However, I have enough money to buy normal expensive wigs. In fact , a wig that costs two pounds, three shillings was enough to buy a set of pistols, or some oxen. I would wear a brown wig for day to day wear, and as a gentlemen I might wear gray. For formal occasions, I would wear white wigs. Additionally, there are four types of hair used in wigs. There is horse hair, yak hair, human hair and sheep hair.

I would most likely come to the wig maker's myself in order to get a wig that was custom fit. I might also give my wife money to buy herself a wig, as women use wigs too. The most expensive wig in this shop is the one with two bottoms that is white on the top left shelf. It would be worn by a judge and cost 20 pounds.

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