Flourish by Amber Griffin

The name is Amber...Amber Griffin to be frank but it's not frank. It's Amber.

This is where it all began. I had no idea that I would take such a liking to this whole "floral" idea.
Who knew that a lady with a dusty ole Visual Arts Degree would eventually well...stay in floral?Nonetheless run the department? No kidding.
I'm getting the hang of this! I can now add "lady who knows how to make cool corsages" on to my repertoire.
How can I be unhappy working with flowers, stuffed animals and balloons all day?
My confidence is growing and so are sales.
A little bigger and a lotta bolder!
I do!

Most novice floral designers would be standoffish or intimidated to take on such a task. My most favorite thing to do would be this! #weddingbouqs

Okay so this is my journey as of now. I look forward to taking it further! Thanks for riding along :)

Created By
Amber Griffin

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