Sit-Ins A struggle for freedom

These Sit- Ins started on Feb 01 and where a crucial park in the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans. These Sit-Ins acted as a testament to the white people and they were saying that they deserved to sit were they got to sit because they are all equal. These Sit-Ins would get out of had because of the white people would get so mad that they would start fights with them. A group of 4 people sat in their set until the store closed and here are their names Joseph McNeil, Izell Blair, Franklin McCain, and David Richmond. This happened at Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina. They did these Sit-Ins to try and get rid of racial segregation in public in the southern states.

Malcom X

Malcom X was a radical leader for the civil rights movement. But unlike Martin Luther King Jr he was a very violent enduring leader. He wanted to have the African American community fight back against the police. But when the first few attacks when't fairly well the police started hosing them with fire hoses, Chasing them with police dogs,and throwing tear gas at them too.

Riots that happened in Harlem, Chicago, and Birmingham
The ever lasting affect on Sit-Ins

The ever lasting affect on the lives of black people in the United States is indescribable. The African Americans that went on the marches and the few that died in those marches got exactly what they wanted when Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act gave every African American full rights in the United States.

Similar Events Today

Something that happened in 2016 closely resembles what happened in the riots during the Civil Rights Movements. In Milwaukee on August 13th, a riot happened to be breaking out in Sherman Park over a 23-year old man named Sylville Smith who was killed by a police officer. This relates to the Civil Rights Movement because this is how it started with racial profiling.

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