Delicious foods found at the NYC Food Truck Fest 2018 By Serena Ye and Kevin Ludy

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(Video filmed by Kevin Ludy and edited by Arin Garland)

Stepping out of the Uber, we walked down the Upper West Side with an air of uncertainty. Some of us were sure this would be some dingy, hole-in-the-wall event at the back of a shady alley. But squeezing into the crowded, festive courtyard and with the smell of burnt barbeque in the air, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The NYC Food Truck Fest 2018 on March 25 was hosted by the Grand Bazaar and the New York Food Truck Association to showcase some of the east coast’s most gourmet and creative food trucks. Featuring 15 of the best food trucks and vendors from states like New York, New Jersey and even Connecticut, the event attracted more than 3500 people. While admission was free, all of the profits made from this fundraiser would be donated to four local public schools in New York and help more than 4000 students.

-photo by Serena Ye-

One of the first trucks that caught our eye was “Bona Bona,” partly due to its bright pink color and the trail of smoke we saw coming out of the torch that the chefs were using. Unlike many other trucks, the line for the restaurant-crafted ice cream truck was pleasingly short. Some of the 15 flavors that chef Nick de Bona offered were Rainbow Cookie, Nutella s'mores, Holy Cannoli, Backyard Mint Chip and Salted Caramel. With an option of cup or cone, we decided to order the Nutella S'mores, totaling to $10.

The ice cream was first spooned into a cup, and topped with an oozy, sweet marshmallow fluff. Then, Chef Bona took his own unique spin on things when he torched the marshmallow cream until it was toasted to a crisp golden brown, and finished it off by adding a waffle cone to the ice cream. -photo by Arin Garland-

The “Nutella s'mores” flavor was like eating the perfect campfire smore. The creamy texture of the marshmallow cream balanced out the crunchy waffle cone and blended in with the rich chocolatey sweetness of the ice cream. All of Bona’s ingredients and fruits are either homemade or locally sourced, which could explain why the ice cream tasted exceptionally fresh. It didn’t take us long before we reached the bottom of the cup, and we would definitely go back to “Bona Bona” for another ice cream.

One other food truck we tried was the “Mac Truck.” Founded in 2012, this truck specializes in unique macaroni and cheese creations, encompassed in its eye catching yellow exterior. The items we tried were the “classic mac and cheese” and the “mac and cheese bites.”

-photo by Kevin Ludy-

The classic mac and cheese had a blend of different types of cheeses, but was very filling and heavy. Although the flavors came together nicely, the portion size was ultimately too much and the price point of seven dollars was a little steep. None of us were able to finish what we had ordered, and none of us were overly impressed.

-video filmed by Serena Ye-

The mac and cheese bites on the other hand were extremely delicious. It still had the expensive seven dollar price, but the crispy fried shell blended perfectly with the tangy mac and cheese. These were definitely one of the stand out food items of all the trucks, and patrons could be seen enjoying them around the whole event.

This food truck festival was one of many at the Grand Bazaar this year. If you are looking for something fun to do, events like a vegan food market in April and a weekly Sunday market take place here throughout the year, and it’s a great place to check out while in the city. We really enjoyed the food truck festival, and are already looking forward to next years. -photos by Kevin Ludy and Arin Garland-

-picture behind text at top by Serena Ye-

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