Fake news By: annie and brooke

We chose option #1
Fake news is a really big problem. People are writing fake stories and putting them into news stories. They make us believe the stories, and then it blasts, and bad things happen. For example, when a man saw a fake news story about a family pizza place, he went and tried to shoot everyone, trying to save the children, but really it was a fake story and he scared everyone at a family restaurant for no reason at all.
The comets pizzaria shooting
Another fake news story was that Donald trump left a $10,000 tip at a resturaunt. This was a advantage and a disadvantage to the young couple who owned the resturaunt. It was a disadvantage because they got really annoyed. An atvantage was that they got more customers because they thought leaving such a big tip would mean that he really likes it here, so a lot of people wanted to try it out for themselves.
How can you find out a news story is fake?

Ok! Well thank you for watching our presentation, and we hope you enjoyed it!


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