The Couch Tomato Sandwich Shop Jenny Zhao

Sandwich: an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal.

Subway Sandwich
grilled cheese sandwich
sloppy joes
meatball sandwich

I plan on opening my restaurant downtown, in Kensington Market. Since a lot of students from OCAD come here to buy groceries and other items, I plan to make my menu simple to look at for quick orders and a vegan, organic and gluten free menu. My prices will be a little less than moderate, so students can afford to eat here more often.

The store front I will be using.
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Black and White
Added my logo on the brick of the building and the black chalk boards in the front.

Rationale- I chose to do a simple logo design, with a couch and a tomato sitting on it, along with condiments as the arm rests, reflecting the name 'the couch tomato sandwich shop.'


Created with images by Pexels - "berry bread breakfast"

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