Arimune A NEW golden nanomedicine

Arimune is a drug that exposes cancer cells inside a tumour to anti-cancer agents, and was created by a clinical stage nanomedicine company called CytImmune, founded in 1988.

First of all... What is a tumour?

A tumour is a general term for a mass. It can refer to benign (slow growing, generally harmless) or malignant (fast growing, cancerous) growths. Tumours do not necessarily mean cancer. Cancer is a threatening type of tumour, but not all tumours are cancer.

The process of cancer development

It is made from...

  • TNF-Target Molecules
  • Therapeutic Payload
  • Colloidal Gold Nanoparticle

PEG stands for PolyEthlene Glycol:

It is a water-absorbing molecule that covers the gold nanoparticles like tiny hairs, and the key to the stealthy nature of the Arimune platform.

This means that it attracts and holds a protective shield around the nanotherapy as it passes through the body, acting as a water shield for the the nanomedicne.

TNF stands for Tumour Necrosis Factor:

TNF breaks down the blood vessel architecture inside the tumours. This means it makes the cancer cells inside the tumour vulnerable to anti-cancer agents, or drugs.

Something special about the Gold Nanoparticle:

  • It is precisely sized, to stop the permanent leakiness of tumour blood vessels
  • It has low toxicity and regulators understand its safety profile, as it has been used therapeutically for decades
Basic Elements of Arimune


~ First Generation ~

Carries TNF into tumours to disrupt their blood vessels and enable follow-on chemotherapy to penetrate the tumour and kill the cancer cells inside

Phase I

Safely delivered 3 times the previous maximum tolerated dose of the anti-cancer agent TNF to patients

Phase II

Will treat non-small lung cancer patients

Combination with standard of care second line therapy


~ Second Generation ~

  • Carries Taxol (paclitaxel) in addition to TNF
  • Only nanotechnology that has been able to simultaneously deliver a biologic, TNF, and a small molecule therapeutic, Taxol, carried by the same particle

Benefits of Arimune over normal cancer treatments:

When people only use chemotherapy, some may not benefit from the treatment but only experience the painful side-effects, but by using Arimune, it will increase the time spent during the use of chemotherapy


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