The World According To Derek M.


Globalization is making the world stronger. Globalization has made the world economy skyrocket. The trading of goods around the world has lowered the prices for goods because different countries have different resources and if the resource is abundant in one area the price to make goods with that resource will go down. Along with goods crossing borders, ideas will too. Other countries can build off this knowledge and create more advanced technology and other goods. Religions will also spread. Globalization has been the seed of human advancement around the world.

Globalization helps the world

Climbing Mount Everest is worth the risk. It's a challenge and I feel like I need to do it just because it's so hard. It would be amazing to be on top of the world and see everything, do something that only a few people have accomplished before you.

Mount Everest stands at 29,029 feet above sea level

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Question: What is the most effective form of government?

Answer: The most efficient form of government is theocratic monarchy.

A Theocratic monarch answers to god and religious teachings advise not to do others harm therefore, Monarchs will think about the consequences, economically and physically, of their actions. If there is beneficial decision making, the country will thrive economically and Citizens will be healthy and happy. Monarchy experiences less corruption due to the fact that monarchs know their leadership is not for a short term. They will not want to ruin their country because they have to rule it their whole life and pass it on to their successor after. With no corruption and enforced laws there will not be any conflict between the people. A Theocratic monarchy has minimal corruption and maximum profit.

Queen Elizabeth is an example of a monarch

Question: What makes a good citizen?

Answer: Citizens have certain rights and responsibilities. All citizens have undeniable rights like the freedom of speech, press and religion. Citizen’s rights all stem from the freedom of self-ownership. Citizens also have responsibilities which are actions they are supposed to do but, are not required.Citizens have a responsibility to stay informed about political events so, they can better understand who to vote for. Being a good citizen means not violating other people's rights and doing his/her responsibilities.

Good citizens respect one another

Question: How to people adapt to living in a desert environment

harsh climates cause people to adapt in many different ways. One of these is, people wear loose clothing that covers their whole body. The clothes protect their body from the sun’s uv rays but, is loose to allow airflow to cool them down. Another adaptation is nomads use shifting agriculture. If they planted in one place the ground would run dry and the land would turn into marginal land which will succumb to desertification. There are many different ways nomads adapt to their desert environment.

Desert nomads with long robes wandering the desert

Question: How does having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource is beneficial to a region in many ways. One of these ways is, the population will grow. they need people to work and manufacture the oil rigs and they will need to stay. Another is, the infant mortality rate will go down. There will be more money from the crude oil which can be used to provide better healthcare for the infants. The money from the Crude oil benefit the region more than it will not.

Oil platforms are used to extract oil from the ground


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