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Brooke Ficco is a music business professional who currently works with local and nationally diverse artists and bands of all genres to help expand their fan base, connect with their current fans through social media, booking shows for tours or single-city shows, and promotions on new music. She is also involved in artist management/development and is working towards owning her own artist management, development, and booking agency.

Brooke believes that utilizing an artist's strengths, talents, and personality will create a unique brand for each individual artist/band.

"No two shows are the same, no two artists are the same, and no two bands are the same. There's something unique about everyone in this industry, so using their own strengths, talents, and personalities are what will create a brand that can never be duplicated." - Brooke Ficco

Brooke started working in the industry in her early 20's and has gained a great amount of experience. She has interned with the Operations Team at Sixthman in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently managing various entertainers in the industry including an Atlanta-based model/actress, an Atlanta-based Artist/DJ, and an Atlanta-based Rapper. She is currently working on promotions, booking shows, and scouting potential new clients in the Atlanta area.

Brooke will graduate from SAE Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Entertainment Business specializing in the music industry.

Post graduation, Brooke plans to utilize her gained knowledge and experience to further her skill set in booking shows and creating successful tours for artists and bands all over the world.

Brooke owns and operates Ficco Entertainment Group, an artist management, development, and live event production company.

"There's no limit to how well you can do in this industry; there's only your limits that you set for yourself that will hold you back." - Brooke Ficco

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