Rowdy is Junior's best friend, quite the opposite of Junior, a pretty tough guy. He was born into an Indian family, but he and his mother are almost always unhappy because of Rowdy's father. He is a violent alcoholic who regularly hurt both. This violent personality passed on to Rowdy who gets into fights with everybody.

In some ways he's like Junior's bodyguard.

Rowdy is a really good basketball player. Also, he reads to forget or control his rudeness.

Rowdy lives in a violent ambient, he just want to forget his pain being violent to others and it makes him better, he also doesn't spend most of the time at his best friend's house.

When Junior tells Rowdy that he is moving to Readan, Rowdy got so furious, he yelled at him that he hate him and he is a "white lover", and punched him.

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