Anonymous International freedom fighter

Who is my Leader and whats his purpose?

Anonymous, So many assumptions on who these men could be. Who these freedom fighters are. Who these Leaders are. These men are freedom fighters in my eyes. They're terrorist's in some people's eyes. It can prove a lot from cyber hacking a terrorist organization to getting revenge on a bully for making a girl suicide. Anonymous, Being one of the strongest people/leaders in the world, Not being scared to face anyone. They take full action to make sure everyone has all rights to do what they want and whats right. Wearing guy Fawkes masks by hiding their identities not because their scared because if they are found they are no longer anonymous. Pulling DDos attacks and Shutting down the government telling them what their doing is not right. With anonymous's great skills and abilities to hack they shut down other hacking squads such as lizard squad. Here's a brief explanation on who these men are and what they do.

What is Anonymous's purpose/what does he do?

Anonymous's purpose is too help the ones in need and destroy the ones who bring pain. There are people that support in what they do but there are also people that try to interfere and attempt to stop this organization. Looking through my research I found a detailed documentary about Anonymous but to save time ill just break the video down. The video is showing what impact Anonymous has on the public. People describe them as "Cyber terrorists or Final boss of the internet" It's a large topic that has been talked about for such a long time but he has shown many people the capability of Anonymous

Where is Anonymous from?

As of now, we don't know where Anonymous is based but there have been many theories which have lead to Anonymous just being a super computer but in the end their must be some people behind those mask's. There is however one place where Anonymous is anything but a myth: the internet

When did your leader come into position as a leader?

Anonymous became a leader when They took control over PSN (Playstation Network) as well as Xbox in 2012 during Christmas. They overtook both console servers and shut them down forcefully because another hacker group known as lizard squad was invading all of the players accounts and gaining access to see their credit cards and stealing bit coins (Bit coins are an online currency). They took about 2 weeks to get rid of them completely out of the system and re opened the servers to the public. PSN and Xbox faced a loss of 150 million dollars due to lizard squad's irresponsible actions and if Anonymous didn't interfere when they did, I fear what could've happend

Why Do You Question Your Leader?

Anonymous leads because they show the public to fight for whats right and to support what they believe in. They also state that you don't have to hack to be part of Anonymous, You just have to fight for what's right but once again some people in the public don't think so. Once again let me state that he has stopped international terrorist groups from planing and invading countries, to getting revenge on a man for bullying and causing a girl to commit suicide. This proves to me that he has a lot of guts to even look up to the public and he agrees and accepts and learns from his mistakes.

Here are some questions I would ask Anonymous...

  1. Do you personally think that you are a leader?
  2. How do you think people portray you?
  3. Do you look up too anyone personally?
  4. If you were to tell the public anything what would it be?
  5. Do you feel your a freedom fighter and why?

Why would you ask these questions?

I would ask these questions because I want to know what Anonymous thinks about themselves personally and that if he looks up too anyone like how I look up too him. Anonymous has feelings because someone without feelings isn't human.

Anonymous Facts...

  1. Did you know Anonymous cyber attacked the bully that was harming Amanda Todd
  2. Did you know Anonymous wears the Guy Fawkes Mask from the movie V for Vendetta because of a protest against the church of science technology in 2008.
  3. In 2013 Anonymous stole 1 cent from everyone's bank account and donated all of the money to different Charity.
  4. Did you know Anonymous shut down governmental websites because they were denying too share important files so they leaked all the files and anyone could have accessed them.
  5. Did you know that Anonymous over took a live fox news broadcast and told the viewers that fox news was lying and exaggerating terrorist attacks scaring america. Here's the link for the video.
  6. Just recently Anonymous Created a message to Donald Trump. Anonymous said that Anonymous stated that Donald Trump should do what he said before and not only with building a wall be a good thing. Here's the video.

Thank you for listening to my presentation and if I learned anything I learned fight for what you believe in...


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