Ranking The Han Dynasties Contributions using P.E.R.S.I.A As a lens

The Han Dynasties most lasting contributions, are mostly in the Intellectual area in culture.

In this Era in ancient China, many ideas and innovations were made and they were widely a contributing factor to the Han Dynasty's success.

The Great Wall of China

Throughout the Han Dynasty, there has been many inventions and actions that have expanded and made China revolutionary. An example of this would be the expansion of the Great Wall. This was very beneficial for the people of China because it reinforced Chinas safety and disallowed barbarians to enter. Other inventions/ actions include: The Silk Road, The wheel barrel and Paper.

What comes next, is also an Era of Politics.

The Han Dynasty was a very imperial society, in fact it is known as the second most imperial dynasty by many sources. The first emperor Liu Bang was once the general for the army during the Qin dynasty. And thus gave him the advantage to power. Primarily western Han was a powerful empire, and within a few, China's economy was restored.

A time of ART.

Not only was the Han Dynasty a Golden age for politics and technology, but it was also the golden age for Art.

The Han Dynasty was known to many as the Golden age for various amounts of subjects, but Art was one that changed the culture during these times. As the invention of paper came to a rise, literature and paintings were rapidly appearing almost everywhere. Paintings were made to show how China's most greatest emperors dealt with the Country. And made it China look nice and on point. Clay structures and pots were made and included ancient Chinese lettering.

To the left, shows a Bronze sculptured horse and to the right, shows Dancers.

Ranking in number 4 is Economy.

Economy was not so big during the Han Dynasty.

Art work showing farming

The Han Dynasty was not a huge time for economics, although products such as water conservation and farming tools were made which increased the rate of production.

Lastly, Religion and Culture.

Religion during the Han Dynasty developed new forms of Confucianism and Daoism, but it was only the western part of the Han, that was dedicated to one religion that was Daoism. Culture was only changing after the invention of paper because it was shown in ways of art and writing.

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