Darwins 5 year voyage By:skyler spencer

January 16,1832 the beagle had reached the Saint Jago in the Cape Verde Islands. Darwin found lush tropical flora he read about in Humboldt's 'Narrative'.

February 16, 1832 they crossed the equator and February 28 sailed into All Saints Bah at Bahía, where Darwin took his first steps in South America.

The next year the beagle went down the coast of South America and Darwin picked up insects, shells, and rocks. Later on when he got back to England he realized he was in the heart of South America.

When the ship went to the Galápagos Islands Darwin had a very important stop to look at there. Lots of lizards, birds, and tortoises he had discovered.

March 14, 1836the beagle departed from King George's Sound, Australia, and handed north. They went to Keeling Islands and Darwin found giant clams, brightly colored corals, and emerald lagoons. Darwin tested theory's of coral reefs being mountains being sank back into the sea and the reefs were left as a ring around it.

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