Project Management Lesson 1 - Definition

What is a project?

Let's start with a simple activity:

What kind of projects have you been involved in? Do these projects have any common characteristics, elements or principles?

Write down what comes to your mind, such as what was the project about, its objectives, approach, outcome, team members, resources used, if any, anything that comes to your mind, which made you remember these projects in particular.

Now watch this video to qualify whether your findings are similar to the ones outlined.

Summarising our understanding and finding, we can define a project as follows:

A project is a set of interrelated planned activities that are executed in a particular sequence to achieve an objective within a specific time frame.

Projects tend to have certain characteristics, such as

  • Clear and measurable outcomes
  • Set of actions to achieve the outcomes
  • Start and end dates
  • Balance between time, cost and quality
  • Governance structure
  • Project teams
  • Stakeholders
  • Measurements for project performance
Is a soccer game a project? Please explain!

The purpose of a project is to solve a 'problem' and satisfy a current and/or a future need. A project involves people, activities, resources and has a specific timeframe, a start and end date. Hence, for a project to be successful, it needs to be managed accordingly.

What is Project Management?

You can define project management as follows:

Project management is the orchestration of specifically defined set of actions, so that the planned objectives are achieved.

The set of actions needs to be produced

  • by a certain time
  • to a defined quality
  • with a defined level of resources
A project planning session in action.

Project management is crucial to any project success as it prepares you to deal with all possibilities that may occur. The goal is to complete the project on time, within budget and to the agreed quality.

Project Lifecycle

Moon Life Cycle - A Project Around The Earth

A typical project lifecycle involves the following phases:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Controlling, Monitoring, Reviewing
  • Closing
Did your projects have similar phases?

Reflect on your previous projects and think of the different phases you went through. In lesson 2, we will explore the project phases in more detail.


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