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Hey there!

Thanks for taking a peek!

The next few scrolls are a bit about what its like to work with me. Catching those eyebrow raising grins and gut busting laughs are my jam. I want to be your second, third and fourth set of eyes to your day. My goal is to have you giggle or tear up (maybe both!) when you look through your gallery and get excited about showing off your photos!

But what will I wear?

Stiff, starchy clothes? Not necessary. Stilettos and sequins? Nah. Cat eye & hairspray at 10am? Puh-lease. Hell, even brushing your hair is optional! You NEED to be comfortable. Plain and simple. I really don't want you to look back at your photos and see the pain your new shoes were causing you, or the super skinny jeans digging into your belly that you never wear. While I can't be your personal shopper or stylist, I can give you some pointers. I want you to have photos you can look back on and smile, not cringe; so let's just go ahead and give ourselves permission to lose the sucker-inners and push-up anythings, k?

Neutrals and rich, deep tones always blend nicely. Don't forget textures too! If at all possible try and avoid small intricate patterns like tiny polka dots or teensy florals - these sometimes are hard to decipher and are distracting. Clothing with logos and slogans are also distracting and take away from a classic feel. Depending on your session and the location/weather, flowy dresses are cute, as are comfy cozy sweaters. These also double as props and give you something to focus on if you're feeling nervous. If we're doing a family session please wear clothes that the kids are comfortable and happy with; there's no need to run out and buy matching shirts for the entire family - that would almost ruin the genuine, relaxed vibe we're aiming for. So let's keep things simple and laid back - just be you!

Here's a little taste of some neutral, comfy combos!

Prom Smiles + Barbie Hands

Since we left the cheesy outfits at the door, lets do the same with awkward poses. Sure we'll get the traditional groupings where necessary but what drives me are the real moments. So relax - I'm here to save you from painful forced smiles and doll hands!

I prefer prompts over poses. Genuine smiles, belly laughs and wrinkled noses are the images you'll want to frame and share, and that's my goal.

Of course I'll be there to steer you in the right direction; what to do with your hands or where to look when hugging, but other than minimal directing - natural is best!

Trust me when I say that being in front of the camera is nerve wrecking - I once ugly cried for 2 days after head shots (true story!) It's totally normal to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, but I'm there to put you at ease. We'll talk too much, laugh too much and I can guarantee I'll make a fool of myself.

Don't be shy - drop me a line if you have any questions about ANY of this, or anything really. Let's talk!!

Created By
Emily Crites


Created with images by Timothy L Brock - "Fall & Leather" • Stephanie Harvey - "Faye Monochrome Afghan" • Kaylah Otto - "Bliss" • Nathan Dumlao - "untitled image" • Rose Elena - "Holiday Bokah" • MD_Janiska - "coffee shop indoors cafe" • Analise Benevides - "untitled image" • Lars_Nissen_Photoart - "texture tree annual rings"

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