Aerospace Engineering A great job for creating missiles and Testing them also jets and airplanes and that stuff

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is when you create and test rockets,missiles,jets and so on. They also create new products or systems such as a new type of missile to attack another country or a new program to help people as a tool to use. You will need math and science in this job. You will have to have very specific measurements also.

High school courses that will help for Aerospace Engineering

If you are good at computers this will help you a lot in Aerospace Engineering. In Science you should take Physics and in Math you should take Trigonometry.

  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Science
  • Computer-Assisted Design
  • Probability and Statistics

Skills and Abilities needed

There are quite a bit of Skills and Abilities needed but lots are easy and do every day.


  1. Understand written information
  2. Read and Understand work related materials
  3. Listen to others and ask questions
  4. Write clearly so others can understand

Reason and Problem Solving

  1. Analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses
  2. Combine several pieces of information to draw a conclusion
  3. Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong
  4. Follow guidelines to arrange objects or actions in a certain order.
  5. Think of new ideas of a topic

Physical Demands

  1. Sitting for long periods of time
  2. See details of objects that are less than a few feet away
  3. Speak clearly so listeners can understand
  4. Understand the speech of another person
  5. See details of object that are more than a few feet away
  6. See differences between colors, shades, and brightness

Working Conditions

  • Have a medium to high level of social contact
  • Work on teams with other engineers
  • Usually share office space with others workers
  • Usually work indoors
  • Meet strict deadlines weekly
  • Must be very exact in preforming job
  • Usually work 40hrs. A week
  • May travel to other work sites


You will need a bachelors degree for Aerospace Engineering. They allow you to build skills and make contacts with people in the field. Internships can improve your chances of finding a job. You can recieve up to 1 to 2 years of on the job train too.

Colleges you can go to for this job

  • Stanford University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Massechusetts Institute of Technology
  • California Institute of Technology
  • University of Michigan


Yearly in Minnesota you can expect to get $97,220 a year and in the United States you expect to get 107,830.

Benefits of job

Health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, retirement plan

Employment Outlook

  • Minnesota - very small
  • United States - medium


I feel like this job would be fun but very challenging. It will take a lot of work to be in this job but i think it will be worth it.


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