Save The Bengal tiger By Micah flores

Bengal tiger appaence

What is sneaky, strong, and a good hunter? A bengal tiger! For starters, the animal's size and weight are interesting things. The length is 3.3 meters to 4 meters long. It weighs 309 pounds to 600 pounds. Seccontly, the tiger's body is interesting. The animal's body is black and white stripe pattern. An adaptation is that it has long claws. To Rap it up, The bengal TIger has a litter of 3 cubes max. Tigers cant see when they are born.Those are all of the details of the bengal tiger .

No bengal tigers have the same stripe pattern

Bengal Tigers Habitat

I think that bengal tigers habitat should be protected. To Begin with, Here is the location of the tiger. The continent it lives on is Asia. The country it lives in is India. Also, These are some facts about the climate. It rains 400 inches a year. The temperature is from 64.c to 94.4f. Lastly, The tigers home is very interesting. A Tigers home is usually neer a pound. Bengal tigers sleep in a cave. In conclusion their habitat needs to be protected.

Bengal Tiger diet

Here are some things about the diet of the bengal tiger’s diet. These are what a bengal tiger eats. It eats deer, cattle, and wild boor. Deer are the tigers favorite prey. Next, Hunting adaptations are. Stripes that make it hard to see. They can walk silently when hunting. The last thing is,Predators of bengal tigers. People kill tigers for trophy hunting. Humans turn its fur into clothes. In conclusion these beautiful creatures should be protected.

Bengal tigers Hunt at night

Reasons why the bengal tiger is endangerd

Can you believe that there are only 3,000 bengal tigers left in the wild! To begin with, Here One reason that tigers are endangered is trophy hunting. People like to kill the animals as a trophy. Sometimes people kill for no reason. Secontly, habitat loss is bad for tigers. People cut down trees to make room or buildings. That affects them so they have less land to live in. Finally, Tigers are losing prey. They need prey to survive. The population of people is affecting the food supply. Those are hereasons the bangat tiger is endangered

How we can help Bengal tigers?

In my opinion we need to save the bengal tiger. To start with, you can donate to the world wildlife fund. The money you donate will help save endangered animals! Depending on what category you are in when you donate the money will go to save endangered animals. Also, you can make a website. If you make a website you can put all this information on it. To inspire other people to help save bengal tigers. Lastly, you can stop hunters before they strike. You can stop them by calling the authorities. Then they can't get the tigers. We need to save the bengal tiger before it's too late!


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