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NOTE: Ramon Ivey is a website designer, not a web developer.

WEBSITE DESIGNER: A designer that uses graphics and graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign to create the look and feel of a website. - (Front-end).

WEBSITE DEVELOPER: A web developer creates the language of a website using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They focus on the code and functionality of a website. They make sure the website operates correctly behind the scenes. - (Back-end).

Every Business Needs A Website...

...It acts as a virtual home base for your brand online as a brick & mortar is a physical one. It gives a brand global access and allows a business to expand its products, services and information to potential customers around the world. Furthermore it allows you to connect and share with billions of people building relationships which only enhances your brand.


Click on the button below and fill out the questionnaire to get started. Once completed, please send the questionnaire to ramonivey@outlook.com.


It's a website that adapts to the size of any electronic device that allows for the viewing of websites, or online content. A responsive website can resize itself to fit a tablet, cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer. It responds to almost any device.

The above image is an example or a responsive website. The design is from ub3rdiaries.com - an actual website created by: Ramon Ivey - ramonivey.com

:::Some Of My Work:::

playgroundpreachers.com - (Music Group) - Original Designer
studiofxlive.com - (Dance Studio) - Original Designer
torrionofficial.com - (Music Artist) - Original Designer

newwaypro.com - (Landscaping Company) - Original Designer

brucegainescinematography.com - (Wedding Cinematographer) - Original Designer

ralexandercollections.com - (Fashion Designer) - Original Designer


All websites require two things:

1) A DOMAIN NAME - (www.name.com).

2) A HOSTING COMPANY - (The Landlords of internet space).

These two are 100% necessary in order to have any website up and running online. The Price for domain names range from $00.99 - $10000+ annually, and the hosting company can range from $10 monthly to $200 annually. More details to be discussed.

:::Select a Package Deal or Choose from the Price List:::

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Have an idea in mind? Want to use a different hosting service? Write it in the comments section of the questionnaire, or send an email to:


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