Juno Reactor DJ

Juno Reactor Dj

Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor a pioneer of the electronic trance scene, constantly morphing re-evolving , exploring new areas visually and musically. From early days in London to Hollywood blockbusters of the Matrix, the story of Juno Reactor is constantly changing. He brings a unique stage presentation, dramatic, powerful, from the deserts of Burning Man to the Great Wall of China - Juno Reactor has captured the hearts of the world. From it's origin in India in the early '90's to the powerful Mutant Theatre Las Vegas Show at Caesar's Palace.

New Juno Reactor Album "The Mutant Theatre" 2018

Love playing the Mutant Theatre full show, completely different to DJing, yet one couldnt exist without the other.

"In my studio in Brighton, UK i feel most at home, making up new tunes to play out, or write for films & games, spent most of my life in here..."

Burning Man was a change of life experience, and led me to the Mutant Theatre show.

Big crowds or small I do not care, good to play the old classic JR and the new tunes, Retro sets or the Modern sound, Trance is always constantly changing...