Stanley Live: Mission Facebook Live

Facebook Live Mission

The mission for Stanley PMI in Facebook Live is to tell the brand story through the aspiration and outdoor activities behind Stanley product through the eyes of thought leaders putting the product to use.

This initiative will serve as a timely and relevant way to keep the Stanley community engaged -- and keep Stanley top of mind in Social Media, especially as the algorithms make it harder and harder to be visible.

By bringing this live narrative right to our audience's desktop or mobile device, we can invite our audience to follow along with the training, or simply get a sense of what they might be signing up for before they receive a call to action.

Why Facebook Live? Lets Give The Viewers A Takeaway!

To bring the Stanley PMI brand to life, focusing on and giving the fans access to the people and partners behind the brand, giving audience a behind the curtain look at the decisions, culture and life behind the brand. Each broadcast should be inclusive and participatory, giving the viewers the chance to inspire the narrative and access the hosts. The audience should be gaining something of value from the Facebook Live events and should speak to the social and brand pillars and one of the following:

  • Educational/Informative - The content should give viewers a “behind the curtains look’ at product, culture, team, happenings at Stanley PMI. This could be Q&A, giving fans direct access to our developers, marketing or creative team with product demonstrations, how to segments, product testing, or process walkthroughs.
  • Entertainment Value - These should aim to surprise and delight fans through the lens of seasonal messaging as it applies to content themes, pillars and brand. From activity demonstrations that relate to product usage, comedic skits, interviews relevant notable figures this should be purely for entertainment value, less about product, that should be secondary/tertiary placement in the piece.
  • News/Happenings - This would serve as a parody news segment that pivots and presents “current world happenings” through the lens of Stanley PMI so as to give fans real world context on product usage. “This week in Stanley” would be entertaining but also, have informative aspects to it.
  • Contests - Relative to seasonal themes and relevant pillars we would use this show as a contest platform.
  • Performances - Stanley will invite people with special skills or promote events that Stanley is sponsoring, whether it is an artist, band, circus act, to add spice to the a certain month/product.
  • Ask Anything/Personal Live Feedback - to questions from customers that are sourced from email, social, etc


  • Live Audience Views
  • Post Video views and impressions
  • Engagement, i.e., reactions or comments on the video
  • Asking/answering live questions during the FBL event
  • Click-throughs on your call to action (which you can append to a live video when it’s done)
  • Actions taken based on your video and the call to action
  • Retargeting for other videos and engagement
  • Drive website visits and/or email signups


Bundled like a tv show, we debut this program with a name and a brand to support it ensuring the viewers, no matter the episode, know that this is a recurring program. We will feature a host upon launch, and as it is relevant to the overarching themes and the program has matured we can consider adding more guest hosts to be even more inclusive of community. The program will be anchored to a recurring day and time that these will always get published every month and start pre-promoting.

Evergreen Promotion: I would love to see that all of these have a recurring AH HA moment or giveaway or giveback. Overtime the idea would be for people to know that by watching there is always something that they can be expecting in form of a reward, promo code or giveback.


  • Length: 10-25 minutes
  • Show intro & Title Sequence - Could be as simple as a lower third, a audible shout out, a vignette of Stanley branded footage or activities, or just a single title card that opens and closes the program similar to other Stanley Facebook lives.
  • Host welcome - remind the show name, when its on announce topic and guest (if guest)
  • Guest intro - If there is a guest, lets make sure to properly introduce them, display their title and handles
  • Overview: Host talks about what people will learn/hear about/see
  • CTA: Ask Questions for the audience & invite questions, tell them they will be answered. Remind to enter to win?
  • BODY 1
  • Midshow identifier and reminders, Social Shoutouts
  • BODY 2
  • CTA: Ask Questions for the audience & invite questions, tell them they will be answered.Remind to enter to win?
  • Closing: Remind the audience with identifier and CTA to check back next show and tease topic

Pre Promotion

You wouldn’t hold a party and not invite anyone, would you? Your Facebook Live broadcast is like any other event: if you want anyone to show up, you’ve got to let them know it’s happening.

  • Needs: show title, show graphic, promotional ad units
  • Channels: Facebook Post, Facebook Evite, Twitter, IG, Instagram Story, Email, website banner
  • Other: Need #hashtag
  • Required: Design of digital assets for social (images/designed content with treatment, size for digital placements)

Post Production

  • Repackage & Release Short Clips - You can download your Live video file and create lots of smaller piece of content out of it. If you live streamed an entire event, try creating small clips to use in various social media posts or blog posts in the future. If your video is longer than 10 minutes, you likely have at least a couple of smaller segments you can turn into clips and repackage with other types of content.
  • Link To It From Relevant Content - Treat your Facebook Live video just like an article. If you write a blog post or create another video that’s relevant to the same topic, mention or link to your Facebook Live video and give people a chance to rediscover it. You can also embed a Facebook Live video into your website.
  • Distribute It Through Other Channels
  • Upload full video to YouTube for SEO and syndication to the web
  • Engagement: Respond and like all comments (they should have social moderator as well)

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