Wings of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy

Setting: This book takes place in a fictional place called Pyrrhia. But mainly in the sky kingdom, the mud kingdom, and in a cave.This continent consist of A mud kingdom, a sea kingdom, a ice kingdom, a kingdom of sand, a sky kingdom, And a Rainforest Kingdom. There are also tons of landmarks. There are day and night cycles but no years. What I mean is there is no 2017 just day and night.
The main characters: Clay a mudwing, Tsunami a seawing, Sunny a sandwing, Glory a Rainwing, And Starflight a Nightwing. Clay was born first. He is the biggest. Tsunami is fierce and will disobey. Sunny gets excited but doesn't look like any other sandwing. She doesn't have a barb and is a paler yellow. Glory sleeps a lot. She has Poisonous venom and can change color. Star flight is very smart. He likes his scrolls. HE should have powers but there is no sign that he does. He isn't good at fighting
Summary: The five young dragonets start out in a cave. Later clay and tsunami escape and proceed to help the others escape. A boulder blocks the cave entrance not allowing them to leave. Queen scarlet of the Skywings finds them has keeps them as prisoners. They fight for their lives in her arena which her majesty finds amusing. They escape a head to the mud kingdom. where clay finds out some things about himself and his mom.
Main Events: The dragonets escape the cave almost. THen Queen Scarlet captures them and makes them fight. THey escape the sky kingdom. THey go to the mud kingdom. Kestrel Meets death by Morrowseer.
Conclusion: In the end starflight returns. He tells tsunami that she could be the lost heir. SO they decide to head to the sea and reunite tsunami with her mom queen Coral. In the epilogue morrowseer and princess blister talk. Kestrel is there to. Morrowseer says blister will be the ruling queen and her sisters will die. Kestrel has a tragic death.
Evaluation: I like this book. I enjoyed reading it. I am into fantasy and adventure. THis book is just what I was looking for. THe turn of events made for-shadowing hard. THere were always surprises and action, In the end it seemed like they were going after one thing. Family, the most important thing ever.
THeme: I thought the theme was look out for your friends, don't leave them behind, In the book clay constantly is thinking about the other dragonets and not about himself. So maybe the theme is not being selfish. THats a good trait to have. I think this book was meant to teach kids to lookout for each other.
Theme: when they plan to escape the sky kingdom. Clay kept thinking about glory and sunny. he worried about them and wanted to save them not leaving them behind. THe other dragonets thought this to. they thought mostly about each other. they wanted to help each other. WHen clay felt pain he didn't say so. He doesn't crave attention and that's a great.
theme: Well when I think of the text and then compare with myself. everything's different nothing's the same. This text to another. I had to think about this one but it reminded me of another series I read. In that series they help each out to solve problems and escape their crazy maniac. And then the text to the world. This one I didn't have to think about. There's plenty of people that protect there friends. But there is also war.
Theme: The theme seems fine to me over all. I think this book tries to tell a lesson to it's readers. THe theme is to help others out even if they're the enemy. I see nothing wrong with that. It's actually a good thing.

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