This is the picture i took with the flash. I just let her pose and she was comfortable in this position.
This was the same pose as the one with flash. Except this time i took with no flash.
This was my picture for using the wall. He sat down and i thought it was a good picture so i asked him to stay.
I took this picture while she was off guard. It was also i nice outside picture.
Christian sat down right here and i made sure the camera was focused on him.
In this picture i use the natural lighting from the window. i also made sure it was focused on Morgans face.
Here I'm using the environment to help make this photo. With the lighting and the pillar it was a great picture.
Here we took the picture away from the wall and made sure it was focused on Christian. I made sure Christian was the only thing in focus.
I just thought this was a fun close up picture of Christian. I got him him as he was about to take a picture.
This was another fun that we did of Morgan and Christian dabbing. The picture is focused on them and the background is blurred.

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