Internship/Practicum Workshop Studio and Digital Arts Department

Below, you will find all the information you need to get started on your Internship or Practicum. We will cover what does/does not qualify, how to find an experience, and how to get registered into the course(s).

  • Before you get started with the info below, find out if you need an internship, practicum, or both. Then, determine how many credit hours you need for each (all of this info can be located on your Degree Completion Plan Audit, or your DCP).

So what is an internship, and what is a practicum?

Internships are field experience opportunities where you will work under a site supervisor for the duration of the course. You will complete tasks as requested by your site supervisor and report on your experiences through reflection assignments/journals and evaluations.

Practicums are field experience where you will work under a site supervisor for 30 hours per credit hour and are tasked with the creation of a product (significant body of creative work) during the experience. Practicum students are required to submit a presentation of their product at the midpoint and upon completion of the course in order to receive passing credit for the practicum.

In conclusion:

  • An internship is more hours, and more general in workload.
  • A practicum is less hours, and you are working on a specific body of work (i.e. a large project), and you must present the work.

Now, let's talk about prerequisites and what qualifies you, so you can start looking.

What is required to do an internship?

  1. 2.0 GPA or above
  2. Junior or Senior status
  3. Declared SADA major
  4. 24 hours completed within a Studio and Digital Arts major before internship starts
  5. No more than 1 CSER behind

What is required to do a practicum?

  1. 2.0 or above
  2. Declared SADA major
  3. 15 hours completed within a Studio and Digital Arts major before practicum starts

Internship and your DCP

  • BS takes 3 credits = 180 contact hours
  • BS students may register up to 6 credits for an internship= 360 contact hours
  • BFA Studio Art takes 1 to 2 credits = at least 60 contact hours
  • BFA Graphic Design takes 3 credits = 180 contact hours

Practicum and your DCP

  • BS are not required to take a practicum; however, may choose to use free elective hours for a practicum.
  • BFA Studio Art takes 3 credits = 30 contact hours per credit. * You can register up to a 90 hour practicum
  • BFA Graphic Design takes 1 credits = 30 contact hours

A job does not count for field experience credit. In order for an internship/practicum to count you should be in a position to learn new skills, not perform everyday job tasks.

Additionally, a teaching position will not suffice as your art/design internship/practicum as these experiences should be about practice. IF you will be performing art/design related work under a teacher that meets the minimum professional experience, that may qualify, but teaching itself cannot count. You must be practicing your craft.

Your Site Supervisor

Site supervisor Requirements

IMPORTANT: If your site supervisor does not have the required professional experience below or a degree in your related field, your experience will not qualify.

  • 3 – 5 years professional experience in your field/area of study.
  • Must allow you to work the full number of contact hours.
  • Must agree to evaluate you twice during the semester.
  • A remote experience is acceptable. Site supervisor means a physical employer, so the activity between the employer and the student can be online/remote interaction if this is method in which the company/organization conducts their business.

How to Find a Field Experience (Both Internship and Practicum)

Finding the right one

  1. We recommended that you contact the Career Center (Click the link above). They can help equip you with the resources needed to locate approved field experience opportunities.
  2. Career fairs are held every year for students through the Career Center. Here, you can meet with potential employers, and schedule interviews.

You may also acquire a position outside of the Career Center.

  1. Start with local businesses. Ask! Approach a business you would like to work for/under, and ask if you can schedule an interview with them for a possible internship/practicum.
  2. It does not matter if they have an opening posted or not, ask anyways!
  3. They might not know how bad they need you, until you talk to them!

Lastly, you can use job sites such as Handshake, Indeed, etc. to help locate internships/practicums.

For Practicums:

  1. Consider contacting a professional designer or artist working in their field, and ask if you can be mentored by them.
  2. Remember, you will be working on a single body of work, directed by a professional.

Lastly: How to sign up for a internship/practicum

  1. Secure your internship/practicum. You must have secured an internship/practicum before completing any "paperwork."
  2. Go to: https://liberty.joinhandshake.com
  1. At the top of the page, click on “Career Center.” This will take you to the Liberty page. Click on “Experiences,” and then click “Request an Experience” at the top right. In the “Experience Type” drop-down menu, click on the appropriate form (RES, or LUO): SCA – SADA RESIDENTIAL Internship/Practicum, OR SCA – SADA Online Internship/Practicum.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form, and answer it in its entirety. Submit your form when you are finished. NOTE: Your site supervisor will be contacted to approve your form by the email address that you list for him/her on the Handshake form. Therefore, make sure the address is accurate, and remind your supervisor to check their inbox (including spam and junk) for the Handshake form.
  3. Once your Handshake form is submitted, your site supervisor will need to approve it, your faculty internship/practicum coordinator and advisor will need to approve it, and lastly, the department chair will need to approve it.
  4. Once all digital signatures are submitted, your course will be added to your ASIST account.
  5. DO NOT submit additional contracts. If you do not receive a response within a week, please reach out to your faculty advisor. This is the person who will be able to handle this the quickest. Please allow your faculty advisor 36 hours minimum to respond as they are likely assisting other students as well.

Congrats! Please Contact SADAinternship/practicum@liberty.edu for any questions.


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