The Great Barrier Reef By sienna guy


This assignment has helped me learn so much. I have learned how to use adobe spark, how to Photoshop, How to use thing link and so much more. I really enjoyed the research part of the task because I learned so much about the Great Barrier Reef and how much it needs desperate attention.

The First thing I did for my adobe page was research. I found out some interesting thing about the Great Barrier Reef. Then I started to write my adobe page using the knowledge I had gained on the reef for my written text. After I finished writing I found some images on google that I could Photoshop to add to my visual text. After I Photoshoped them and added them to my written text I was finally done.

The First thing I did for the visual text was find a good picture to Photoshop on google. It was my first time ever photo shopping an image so I wasn't very good at it but ended up looking pretty good. Then I used adobe to add a slogan to it and some text. After that all I had to do was add five thing links on to it and then i was done with the visual text.

This assessment task has really helped me branch out a little bit more because now I know how to do so many new things. I am really glad that I chose the Great Barrier Reef because before i never new how much damage humans were doing to it . If there is anything I would change though I probably would have started a bit earlier so I didn't have to rush it as much.

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