Canbury School Newsletter 14th September 2018. issue 134

Dear Parents and Visitors

Week two of this new term has simply flown by. We're busy getting ready for our annual Open Morning when we get the chance to completely show off about all that is great about Canbury.

Please ensure your child is here at 9.45am, ready and waiting for the 10am start on Saturday 22nd September, to show prospective students and their parents all that Canbury has to offer.

Mr Adams has already been a whirling dervish in the garden, as you can see from these pictures. Sadly our Sixth Form block is still not in place. C'est la vie. Whilst they wait for its delayed arrival, our Sixth Formers are just getting on with life and their lessons.

Out with the old shrubs and in with some new turf. Sprucing up the playground in time for Open Morning.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

All of Year 7 have been absolute stars in Science. Particular mention to Carl who lets nothing get in his way, and Zac for just being amazing.

Zac and Flora for going onto Complete Maths and doing lots of questions. Well done to the others who logged in too.

Year 7 made a great start in Music and Drama participating with enthusiasm and courage. Well done, we all particularly enjoyed Zac’s "Two truths and a lie" and how he managed to fool the group.

Year 8

Ottilie and Kiran for their stylishly expressed invitations to stay at Canbury Sunshine Camp - "the holiday you’ll never forget"!

Ain for fantastic progress this week.

Alannah and Kiran for being the fastest on the 3 times tables. Will you be the next Rock Legends?

Ottilie and Harry A for excellent recall of the terminology we need to remember about nutrition in Science.

Kiran for an excellent start to the year in Mathematics.

True for excellent participation and a “can do” attitude in Drama.

Year 9

Oskar for his excellent start to the term in English.

Victor for his very thoughtful comments in English.

Rhian for an excellent start to her Mathematics at Canbury.

Ellie for her 'can do' attitude in Mathematics.

Oskar for excellent work in Mathematics, and for his 'can-do' attitude in Chemistry.

Rhian for an excellent attitude in Drama and for being so helpful to others.

Year 10

Cate for her excellently written and fantastically delivered rant in English.

Matthew for having a score of 1.16 seconds a question on ttrockstars. "Matt you are a ROCK LEGEND," says Mrs Allen.

Joe for coming back to school determined to exceed his target grade in Science GCSE.

Year 11

Ijaaz for having an epiphany moment when learning about isotopes in Physics.

Felix for being able to describe the reactions of alkali metals in Chemistry.

Dean for being able to give examples of “negative feedback” in Biology.

Felix you are a ROCK GOD on ttrockstars 0.92 secs/question, Faysal you are a ROCK LEGEND on 1.17 secs/question.

All of them for their purposeful and committed start to English - a joy to teach.


You may have noticed from your son or daughter’s timetable a reorganisation in the way that Science is delivered at Canbury. Year 7 has five lessons a week with Mrs Johnson, and Year 8 five lessons with Mr Scaldwell. In each case, they will rotate around Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics.

Year 9 have started their GCSE Combined Science course, with their examination in 2021. They have six lessons per week - two each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Similarly, Years 10 and 11 will have Biology, Chemistry and Physics weekly

Year 9 are pictured above measuring distance and time to calculate the speed of a marble rolling down a ramp. "What's the difference between distance and displacement?" asked Mr Scaldwell. Mr Huw is seen here paying close attention.

All students will use colour-coded exercise books or folders - green for Biology, red for Chemistry and purple for Physics.

An exciting new development is that Mr Scaldwell is offering a Science club on Thursday afternoons for weird and wacky enrichment activities. In addition, Mrs Johnson is running a drop in clinic on Friday afternoons as part of Homework Club. So plenty of opportunities there to further enhance your Science skills, or indeed go over and consolidate your learning.

Newer members of the Canbury family may not be aware that we regularly host younger visitors from nearby Parkhill School to our Science laboaratory. Here's what Director of Studies, Philip Stevenson has to say about this initiative:

"Park Hill Prep school has been visiting the Canbury School science laboratory for a year and are always so warmly welcomed by both the pupils and staff. The children are excited for their science lessons and the laboratory setting simply adds to the curiosity. Having access to the Canbury laboratory has enabled us to carry out investigations not possible on our school site and the children have really benefitted from this. Examples of work carried out include dissections of lungs and hearts, tests for and growing bacteria, and investigating solutions using Bunsen burners. This has really enhanced the quality of science they are receiving and means our children can carry out investigations and experiments, and extend their ability to think critically, in an A level standard lab. We look forward to continuing to drive progress with the help of Canbury school."


This week has been BookBuzz week in English - a scheme to encourage reading. Years 7 and 8 have been choosing which book they would like from the BookBuzz books on offer. When these arrive in school (it might take a little while) each student in those year groups will have the gift of a bright, new book.

The English Department is very keen that all students should read frequently and regularly. Reading is a major contribution to all manner of language development skills as well as a great source of enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Year 8 have been busily promoting Canbury as if it was a holiday resort. Here are a couple of extracts from their creative re-imaginings:

"We are situated in a perfect location. You can easily get to London, in 30 minutes, by train from our local train station and we are just a couple of steps away from a beautiful countryside like setting of Richmond Park.

You will love our beautiful and tastefully decorated bedrooms! Inside each breath-taking suite there is ample storage space, an entertainment system and a double, half kings size bed. I am sure you will love it all!"


"If you love clean floors, soft carpets, books, lovely food and relaxation, then this is the perfect holiday resort for you!"



Messing about on the water at Thames Young Mariners, week 1, Key Stage 3. What's not to love about a PE lesson?
Well done to Mrs Branney who was busy running 5km through the New Forest at the weekend. She's now busy training for her first 10k in February. Go go go Mrs B!

Whilst many of us were busy struggling with the UK heatwave over the summer holidays, Caitlin T (now in Year 11) had a wonderful experience competing at the DSISO World Championships in Truro, NS, Canada.

Her tremendous results for Team USA include:

Two international heat medals, a gold and bronze,

Fourth in the World as the junior in 25m back;

Fifth in the World in 25m breast stroke,

Eighth in the World in 25m fly,

Ninth in 25m free and

18th overall (not just as a junior for the whole competition) in 50m breast stroke.

Team USA came seventh in 50m USA medley relay overall. Caitlin swam the freestyle leg of that race.

She achieved an astonishing five 'personal bests' s in her eight individual races.

Caitlin also set three new Pan America (across North, South and Central America) regional records in 25m backstroke, and 25m and 50m breaststroke.

But there's no time to rest, as she now has to work on getting times for the European championships in Sardinia next September. Team USA also asked that she apply to Athletes Without Limits, the USA INAS organisation who select swimmers for the INAS World Championships in Brisbane next October. Well done Caitlin.

Diabetes training course information and picture

Head of Sixth Form and History teacher Mrs Littler and LSA Mrs Knivett attended a Diabetes training course at St George’s Hospital, Tooting this week. They came away with useful information which will be shared with all staff.

Mrs Littler bumped into Edward Jenner, the pioneer of the smallpox vaccination and often referred to as 'the father of immunology'.

They bumped into Edward Jenner who trained there, and also Dr Ranj Singh from ITV's "This Morning" programme and who is appearing in this year's "Strictly Come Dancing". Just another typical day in the life of Canbury.....

A warm welcome back to school from our Sixth Form students...


We hope you had a nice summer.

As Canbury tradition goes we only keep growing in numbers and that is exactly what’s happened in Sixth Form this year . We are now seven instead of two.

That is Miles, Harry, Ben, Chris, Mia, Oscar and me (Margaux) all being lead by Mrs Littler, our new Head of Sixth Form.

Unfortunately our Sixth Form block is yet to arrive but that hasn’t stopped us from jumping right into our courses of ICT, Business Studies, Childcare, Art, Travel and Mathematics along with Sports and PSHE.

An expanding Sixth Form means more responsibilities, more independence and more fun while enjoying school and learning together.

I’m sure we are in for an amazing journey through the coming school year. As always we will keep you updated.

In further Sixth Form news, Oscar has written an insightful account of the team building day the students went on last week. Read on to learn more.

We arrived at school for 8am but didn’t hit the road until 8:15am, after checking everyone was present and accounted for. One hour later, we finally made it to Runway's End Outdoor Centre where the first thing we gazed upon was the giant rock climbing wall (we would have to wait until the end of our trip to face that ‘beast’).

After we associated ourselves with our guide, we set out for the first of many bonding activities. There was easy stuff such as throwing a tennis ball to each other and then two tennis balls, to more challenging stuff such as constructing a pathway out of pieces of guttering, moving a golf ball along it and moving the pieces to help it on its path. Then one at a time, we went to look at a picture made out of blocks, the one person who looked at the picture could not help construct it. Sixth form teams then attempted to recreate the picture. That person would need to support the others verbally, although some of us including me, could not resist helping construct our perfect recreation! On to the next activity where we were given a long knotted rope and blindfolds and we were tasked to create two triangles on our own and then we had to walk on an enormous rubber band together from one side of a field to the other.

There's no 'i' in team!

Now on to the fun parts of our trip: raft building, where we spent no time at all planning the layout but the longest part of the activity was constructing our raft! We had to tie all the bits of the raft tightly and then test it on the water. It was touch and go for a second because the raft was leaning, nearly sinking. Then the first two of the group climbed aboard and then after that, we all climbed aboard and it was such a tight fit on the raft that some of the group were sitting on some planks or on the edge. Some of us were braver than others - they stood up. Next up were activities where we walked on metal pegs all along a wall and the first person had to place the pegs into the wall as they did the task and the last person had to take them out. Then we went to a rope version of a spiders web where we had to get to one side without touching the rope. We then did the giant rock climbing wall, where we were in teams. Some of us went to the top twice, some of us just once and some of us went a quarter of the way up, once or twice. (Does this sound like the Grand Old Duke of York! Although there were not 10,000 of us, just seven).

We all came away having learnt one thing - which was how to work with each other and hopefully we will show that skill over this academic school year. Remember there is no ‘i’ in team.

Canbury School bake off challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer

Who doesn't love a cake? So bakers of Canbury get ready, for Mrs Bowen is organising a bake off in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The rules are simple. Please bake either a chocolate cake or a lemon drizzle one. You must follow the recipes given in the links below, so that the judges (the lucky Mrs Allen and Mrs Knivett) can judge like with like.

Please bring your cake, or send it in, to school on Friday 5th October in time for the great judging ceremony (and tasting for all) during morning break. Entry is open to everyone - students, parents, staff and costs £5. The entire entry fee will go to Macmillan. Cakes will either win first, second or third place. There will be no prizes - only ever-lasting glory. Please do not add any extras to the cake mixture - and definitely no nuts. Get ready, get set, bake!



Meet the member of staff

Here we go again, it's your chance to learn a bit more about a member of the Canbury staff. This week is the turn of history teacher, and now head of sixth form, Mrs Littler to be in the hot seat. Read on to find out what she really thinks about Manchester United.....

Mrs Littler

Coffee or tea girl?

Generally coffee unless it's my husband Brian brewing up in which case tea, he makes the best cup of tea!

Top three people to have dinner with

My maternal grandparents, Joe and Beattie, and my brother Jules (Julian). I miss them all.

Best book you have ever read

That's a tough one, I love reading. Probably 'The Little World of Don Camillo' by Giovannino Guareschi which is an old favourite that I like to re-read.

What would you tell your 14 year old self

Stop worrying about what others think of you.

What one thing would you change about Canbury

Can we please have the Magic Faraway Tree in the garden?

What historical figure has influenced/fascinated you the most

I fell in love with History because of learning about the voyages of Odysseus at primary school with Miss Baybutt, so I would have to say Odysseus.

That's not a London accent - where are you from originally and how come you stayed here?

I'm from Wigan - I moved south because I met my husband at university in Wales, he's a Surrey boy, I live in the south because of him.

Perfect way to relax

Home alone reading a good book with Sky sports on in the background showing Liverpool beating Man Utd 5 - 0 to win the title at Old Trafford with Gary Neville forced to commentate as he fights back the tears - perfect! Oh, and with Alex Ferguson sat in the stands with Kenny Dalglish as his guest, listening to the sounds of the Liverpool fans singing 'You'll never walk alone.' I could run on and on with this one!!! Oh, YES, 6-0!

Share a top time saving tip with us

I'm rubbish at saving time, if there's a long way to do a job, I'll do it.

In another life, what would be your dream job

I would love to make a living from writing.

Ideal retirement plan.

Big lottery win and retire to the South Hams, Devon, with my husband to live happily ever after, with our boys visiting every summer with their families. Perfect!





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