Angelina Golden isabella house and nikkita akoi

  • Angelina Golden
  • sometimes goes by the nickname golden heart
  • born in January 24, 1848,
  • weight of Angelina is 196.966569
  • height is 79
  • race is transition metals
  • attending physician is James W. Marshall
  • gender: soild
  • Coloma, California.
  • 4,892°F to boiling point and 1,948°F to melting point: Angelina Gold has a sassy and spunky , fun personality. She can be stubborn as a mule. She can be very kind in most ways. Angelina also has a passion for art, but mostly poetry. She is also mischievous, as well do pranks on people she knows. When you first meet Angelina Gold, she is shy and may hide, it is hard to find her as well. In the end she is a fun person to hang with at the end of the day.



she's the color of the rising sun.

She’s soft as butter,

But as busy of a bee!

She represents an angel,

But at a slight angle.

She lives in a mine

And she is awfully hard to find.

Her name is angelina,

And she’s as graceful as thumbelina.

Angelina is with the transition metals

Angelina has many brothers and sisters like: silver, copper, nickel, and titanium

Angelia's Bohr's model pictures

Angelia's career is going to be in poetry and in art. Angelia is also going to open a gallery in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas North Premium outlets.

This will be Angelina's art gallery in one room will be her study where she creates her art and poetry!

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