I Love You

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for Geraldine Monk

'I love you,' he wouldn't say: it was against his philosophy; I-love-you

didn't mean what it meant, plus the verray construction of the phrase

caused bad-old-concrete-lawman-vandal-verbal-mildew-upon-the-grape-


nications-devices damage; saying I-love-you damaged love, subject and

object; plus he could prove this in two dense and delphic languages

suitable for philosophy, opera, cursing, and racking the nerves of arti-

ficial intelligence machines that perhaps could love but would be

hard-wired giammai to dare say so. So what moved him to not-say

I-love-you? What wake-up-and-spoil-the-coffee ashtray-licking djinn? I

have to start to agree. The verbness of it impropriety (eyes glob up the

syringe when you're giving blood: semisolid spiralling); perhaps too

active... I-love-you, I sand you, I drill you, I honey and set you for wasps,

crimson you like a stolen toga, add value applying dye, fight owner-

ship, I cite you to justify skilled outrage, put your name as guarantor

on an astronomical mortgage, I admit desertification comes as a relief,

from I to O, O my oasis, O my mirage. Maybe the verb is a tending-to-

wards? A tightrope? A tropism? A station? But that's meeting him on

his own ground; plus I can't disprove entire languages; plus those

three little words aren't meant as saying. An icy drink in stormlight. A

looked-at leaf left to transpire its own way until... And sans I-love-you

the centuried moon rose above dinnermint stone; many men contin-

ued talking; a woman lifted her sarsenet skirt, peed on green lilies and,

utterly gracious, walked through the archway to join the mixed group

delighting in — word! believe it! — fresh air.


The author meant that he wanted to write the words " I Love You" instead of saying it because he couldn't say it all the way


He was too scared to say i love you, so he didn't say i love you. He started comparing you to other objects. He was tending towards tightropes,tropism, and station. He was bad with language and the three little words aren't meant to say.


"I-Love-You didn't mean what it meant", to me this phrase means that if someone tells you they love you, it doesn't always mean they actually love you. " Saying I-Love-You damaged love", this means that by saying i love you it could ruin your whole relationship."So what moved him not to say I-Love-You?", something moved him to not say I Love You. " Crimson you like a stolen toga", he is comparing you to a stolen toga." Plus those three little aren't meant as saying", Love is a strong word.


The attitude or tone of the connotation is scared because he was scared to say I Love You so he wrote it in words. he wrote his feelings down so he will be less embarressed.


The changes that the author made for the tone,speaker,settings is that the author made the tone scared then confusing and sad then scared again. The author made the speaker quiet then loud then quiet again.


Now the true meaning of this title was that he was falling in love and he didn't know how to express his feelings in words so he wrote them down. He didn't want to embarresse himself if she said no so it would be better if he wrote them down instead.


The poem is basically about love, about how saying I Love You can ruin your relationship with other people. Love in human life is a great feeling but is also awful at the same time. You can fall in love in one day and then you can be attached to them and then a couple months later he/she might break up with you, so ya could easily break up in one day to so basically anything can happen in just one day.


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