Student Dress Codes express yourself with your own fashion and styles

Dress codes, in most schools are starting to become a bigger problem. Students should be able to wear what they feel the need to, in and out of school. A person expressing themselves by their clothing is very important, because it may show their interests and other things.

These 6 kids shown above, are in their school uniforms.

School uniforms are a huge problem, especially for the older students. Having to wear uniforms does not give them the privilege to express their style and show off what they love.

Every student should have the privilege to wear what they want, without being judge. Wearing ones own style shows the confidence in a person, shows how they can be themselves without a care in the world.

The photos above are examples showing how different clothing may change a person's, first of all, appearance and also how confident they look. Wearing and confiding in ones own clothes may boost up confidence in another person, so they're able to feel the need to wear what they would like.

No matter what, every student at any age should feel free to wear whatever they feel the need to and not having any one person stop them. It is important for one to express their clothing styles, because doing that, shows a lot in a person. So if your school has strict dress code, or uniforms, start a protest now for it to stop and sooner or later, the parents and teachers will have to side with you.


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