Lifelines is network of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), which is an interdenominational Christian ministry with a presence on more than 1,100 college campuses in the United States. Our purpose is to use the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationships with each other, in character and in leadership. Our main audience is college students, although we also serve high school students, faculty, and fellow Cru staff members.

We dream of the day when everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. That day hasn't come yet, but we are trusting God and boldly moving forward telling people about Jesus until that day comes. From the cliffs we climb to the rivers we raft, we help people pursue real relationships with God and others. We believe this is our greatest adventure and our greatest reward.

The campus can be a place where the Gospel is often times proclaimed no louder than a whisper in the midst of so many other social pressures and worldviews. We love working with college students and have a vision to not only see Jesus proclaimed among students in Colorado, but to equip and mobilize them to reach the corners of the earth to share the grace + truth of the gospel message.

Our method is experiential learning. As opposed to a lecture or letting mountains speak for themselves, we intentionally use the activity to draw parallels and make the experience stick. We learn together in a grace-filled community, the truth of God and His Word being our guide. We use the outdoors as a platform to share Christ with college students in real and relevant ways.

In short, we take people on adventures like rock climbing, backpacking, whitewater rafting etc—not just for adventure sake, but to help challenge how they think about themselves, others and God. Our programs encourage participants to take physical, emotional and relational risks, placing them in a position to experience real growth and genuine life change!

Our mission is to use the outdoor environment to develop people in leadership and character and to bring them into grace and truth relationships with themselves, others and God (John 1:14).

On our trips we get to leverage experiences and encounters in the outdoors to bring students into relationship with our heavenly Father and point them to the saving grace available in Jesus.

We value adventure, experience, connection and authenticity. These ideals permeate everything we do.

We are industry-trained and certified professional outdoor guides in order to facilitate the safest experiences for students physically, spiritually and emotionally. As we guide students in the outdoors, we also guide them to the feet of Jesus.
We're convinced that this method of ministry is increasingly necessary to reach the next generation whose more disconnected, distracted and discouraged than ever before. We're thrilled to invite you partner with us.
Like many other mission organizations, Cru depends upon the consistent financial support of individuals like you to fund its ministries and missionaries. We could not do this without the faithful and generous support of our partners. Would you prayerfully consider financially joining our team so more students can experience the gospel?

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