Florida Museum of Natural History A naturally enlightening experience

Nature on Display: This skeleton of a mammoth is a humbling experience. Seeing the bones of animals that no longer exist makes us think about how old the earth is compared to an individual life. The massive structure brings a more palpable experience to extinct animals, and truly inspires us to think about the wonders of life and nature.
Nature and ethics: here is a cage filled with fake marsupial. Keeping animals in cages is commonly regarded as an unethical practice, as the animals encaged life and experience only a fraction of what they would in the wild. Taking this experience away for our passing human pleasures is selfish, and by using fake animals, it is both cheaper for the museum and a more humane practice.
Nature of the Human Spirit: The freedom and beauty of the butterflies and foliage at the FLMNH invokes a peaceful wonder within us. The fleeting and free, even oblivious nature of butterflies plays to our inner free spirit, and their ability to gently coast through the air makes us wonder of life without responsibility or restraint. This little oasis of life is a very peaceful experience that speaks to our fleeting desires and natural spirit.

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