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The Spanish Armada was fleet of 130 ships that traveled from A Coruna in August of 1588. The ships purpose was to invade England and the English people for revenge of the killing of their queen, Mary. The Spanish had to stand up for their country and the love they had for their queen. This led to the Spanish Armada.

Spanish Armada Ships


There were a few causes that led to the Spanish Armada, one is that the Catholic Queen Mary was executed by the English. This causes the Spanish to have an urge to punish the English for killing their beloved Queen Mary. The Spanish were also known for standing up for their countries and their queen. They wanted to fight back out of respect for their people.


Along with causes, there is always effects. When the Spanish Armada were on their way to invade the English, their ships got caught in a huge storm and most were destroyed. This causes the Spanish to be weakened, and in return opened colonization for the English.

World exploration

World exploration created a whole new world for many countries. World exploration gave us spices, new land, and new technologies. People wanted to discover new land before others and it created a sense of competition.

World Exploration Map


There were a few main causes for people to start exploring the world, one of which was the new technologies being invented. Maps and ships made it easier to travel by sail. Countries wanted to discover new land before other countries, it was always a competition. People also wanted to discover new spices before others because it promised wealth.


There were some great effects that came with world exploration. They sought an all water route to Asia, which made spice trade much more efficient. Columbus discovered new land, and the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe occurred.

European Slavery

African Slaves

Because the original working population was decimated by disease, the new world needed new labor forces. This causes the Spanish and Portuguese to start importing slave labor from neighboring countries.


The causes of European slavery were wide ranged, to start, almost all the lands Natives that originally did manual labor had been killed off by disease, which cause the Spanish and Portuguese to need increased labor. Another main cause was mercantilism, which is a system in which a county attempts to amass wealth through trade with other countries and exporting more than it imports.


Because of all the imported slaves, it caused the Caribbeans main ethnicity to become solely African. When the Portuguese and Spanish were importing slaves, almost 50% were killed on the ship by slave packing, which caused illness and disease. Even after this slavery died down, it continued around the world, and especially in America for many years.

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