1. Why do you think there is unrest at the Foxconn factories in China?

Q1. Why do you think there is unrest at the Foxconn factories in China?

Q1: also because of the wages.

1. Workers has too many pressure.in 2010, about 18 workers to suicide.

2. Working hours. Workers need to work a lot of time that could got enough money to live.

3. Have no suitable law to protect the worker’s rights.

I’m a worker, not machine. I can create value but not med, I should pay for my life.

2. Discuss the extent to which having

a. a Works Council

b. a Trade Union

might improve workplace relations.

Work council: Determined through collective bargaining

Just a symbolic

a Trade Union: A real organization

Provide interest of employees

Independence, essay to promote and protect employees benefit

Choose trade union: More effective

3. Consider the discussion of trade unions earlier in the chapter. To what extent does the Foxconn Federation of Labour Unions Committee fit with this description? Give examples in your answer.

4. What role, if any, does the press play in pressurising management to improve working conditions?

There are four reasons One is to increase criticized by public opinion to the company .Secondly, through the news make the company pay attention to the suicide phenomenon . Then it is through the news spread to the public. Finally is to improve workers' working environment

5. What might you, as a HR Manager do to improve the relationship between workers and management?

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