Nintendo Getting Back on Track By: Chris matis

Nintendo has been suffering from yearly losses in the millions for the past few years because of poor hardware sales. To combat this, Nintendo should shift their efforts to the production of games rather than the development of new consoles, and should leave the console space entirely.

  • As it stands, the only place to play the popular Nintendo games are on Nintendo console themselves.
  • Nintendo's latest console, WiiU, sold terribly due to branding confusion and lack of third party support.
  • Nintendo has lost a lot of business to their direct competitors because of these issues.
  • In order to become profitable, Nintendo needs to abandon their console business and focus on software instead.
  • By focusing on games and releasing them on other consoles, Nintendo will gain access to a much larger consumer market.
  • Releasing Nintendo games on other platforms such as smartphones and other consoles will create a larger revenue stream for Nintendo.
  • Re-releasing old games along side new games will create opportunities for quick profits to re-invest back into the company.
The 3DS currently keeps modern day Nintendo afloat due to it's incredible success, unlike the WiiU.

Moving Nintendo's future game efforts to more platforms would ensure growth and expansion for the company.


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