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The Netherlands flag is red white and blue, the red strip use to be orange because William, a dutch prince found the colors very lively, but when the orange was dye was turning red after being out in the sun they permanently change the flag to red.
The Netherlands is located in Europe. It's surrounded by Belgium and Germany.
Netherlands is a very flat country. 25% of it's land is below sea level which is bad with climate change and there tends to be lots of floods. also it chilly in the Netherlands all year around
The Ann Frank house is famous tourist attraction in the Netherlands. Ann Frank and her family hid in this house for during world war ii.
Keukenhof is a famous Garden in the Netherlands. It's the biggest Flower Garden in the World. It's 79 acres of land and around 7 million flower bulbs are planted at the garden.
Most people that live in the Netherlands speak Dutch and understand English well. Also the most dominant religion is Roman Catholic.
The Netherlands has a Monarchy government. The king pf the Netherlands is Willem-Alexander. He's the kingdoms first male sovereign in over centuries.
Netherlands fought in the World War II. They got involved on May 10, 1940 when German forces took overran them. then after the attack on Pearl harbor they declared war on Japan.
The famous painter Vincent Van Gogh was born and raised in the Netherlands.
One delicious food in the Netherlands is the Stroopwafel. The cookie is made with two wafers with a caramel like syrup in between. This cookie originated from a city in the Netherlands called Gouda.

In the Netherlands they listen to Levenslied music. it's a popular Dutch genre of music. Levenslied mean song about life, these songs are usually have more simpler rhythms.

Netherlands most popular sport in soccer, know as football there. their men's team is rank 22 and there women's is rank 12
Netherlands's capital is Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a population of 779,808 out of Netherlands's 16.8 million. It's the biggest city in the Netherlands.
Traditional clothes in the Netherlands for women are ankle length dresses with an apron and a small fitted cloth hat
Men traditional clothes are a button up shirt, with loose pants, a neck scarf, and a hat.
Some houses in Netherlands are semi attached house. they're connected with no space in between.
Bitterballen is a famous food in the Netherlands. it contains a mixture of beef or veal, beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper.
Dutch people of the Netherlands celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas Day. it's celebrated on December 5. They celebrate this holiday to learn about the true Santa Clause.
Like America, the Netherlands also have a independence day, Liberation Day. They celebrate the day because it's the day they got freedom and the end of world war II ended. it's celebrated every year but only a official holiday every 5 year.
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