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Stratus: clouds forming a horizontal gray sheet producing rain or snow. This is found in the lower atmosphere. These clouds can be tall holding rain.
Nimbostratus: these clouds form in the middle atmosphere usually produces beautiful sunsets. These can form precipitation but evaporates before hitting the ground.
Cumulus: these clouds are the fluffy clouds with a flat bottom. They are usually found in the lower to mid atmosphere. They are really warm and can way tons.
Altostratus: is a middle altitude cloud genus belonging to the stratiform physical category characterized by a generally uniform gray. These clouds are thin and can make overcast sky's.
Altocumulus: a middle atmosphere cloud with patches in it. They are light clouds with Rolls and can sometimes line up in straight lines.
Cumulonimbus: dense vertical high attitude clouds. They are usually in association with a big thunderstorm powered by upward air.
Cirrocumulus: a high altitude cloud from about 5 to 12 km. They form in rows and can be patched areas. These have a thin appearence.
Cirrus : is a genus of atmospheric cloud generally characterized by thin, wispy strands. This is a high altitude cloud and is usually found on a windy day.
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