Digital to Physical "The Terrace Anywhere"

Idea In a Snapshot

  • Holiday Themed Pop-Up Shop
  • Promote Online Store
  • Gather Awareness/Consumer Information (Email Signup)
  • Create How-To Guide
  • Testing 1 of 3 possible themes

Core Insights

  • Overall lack of awareness
  • Target market needs to include alumni
  • Peak months are gift giving seasons
  • Pop-ups proven to build awareness


  • Advertise, orchestrate and analyze a holiday pop-up shop for the online store

Intermediate Outcome

  • Create a how-to guide for future digital pop-up shops that will serve to produce continued awareness and marketing for the online store

Ultimate Outcome

  • The online Terrace Store will have a significant presence in the physical world


  • Conducted 2 Pop-Up Events

Library Mall Pop-Up: November 11th

East Campus Mall Pop-Up: November 18th


  • Finding space within traffic flow for a large pop-up set up
  • Recording measurement of "Time Engaged" (Pop-Up A)
  • Weather elements (Pop-Up B)
  • Timing and Date of Pop-Up B


Evaluation: Pop-Up A (Library Mall)

  • Online Traffic Results
  • Number of Visitors: 187 (77% Student, 7% Alumni)
  • Average Time Engaged
  • Emails Collected: 74

Evaluation: Pop-Up B

(East Campus Mall)

  • Number of Visitors: 68 (98% Student, 2% Other)
  • Average Time Engaged
  • Emails Collected: 37


  • Create a more digitally interactive pop-up scene
  • Send quarterly emails about online Terrace Store
  • Sell merchandise at pop-up
  • Have free giveaways at pop-up event
  • Host pop-up during major campus events

Our idea will help surge your business forward towards success

Created By
Mitch Johnson


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