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When we were appointed to remedy a failing flat roof, we knew our Prokol pure polyurea 260-FR system would provide the answer. Quick to apply on a new roof deck or as an overlay, this spray-applied solution results in a highly durable, seamless and watertight coating that is not only effective for decades but is aesthetically pleasing and trafficable. Here's how it was done.


  1. 3mm Rubber Crumb Matting
  2. 40mm Kingspan Optim-R
  3. 25mm Kingspan TR-27
  4. 2.5mm IKO TF Profatherm Base self-adhesive carrier sheet
  5. 2.5mm Prokol pure polyurea 260-FR
The original felt-covered roof was showing signs of degradation and water ingress.

1. The existing felt roof is simply overlaid with Rubber Crumb Matting.

2. Kingspan Optim-R 40mm is applied directly to the matting for premium insulation at minimal panel thickness.

1. The existing felt roof is overlaid with rubber crumb matting. 2. Premium insulation is installed - high quality at low thickness.

3. Additional insulation, Kingspan TR-27 25mm, is installed to achieve optimal u-value calculation of 0.018 w/m2k, as stipulated by UK Building Regulations.

4. All terminations and edge details are sealed, ready for the IKO carrier sheet and spray-applied Prokol pure polyurea 260-FR coating that will form the final waterproof membrane.

3. Additional insulation is installed for optimal u-values. 4. All terminations and edge details are sealed, ready for final waterproof membrane.

5. IKO TF Profatherm Base 2.5mm self-adhesive carrier sheet is installed directly on the insulation panels to render the roof, even at this stage, impermeable against the elements. This element of the system is time and labour-saving, meaning works schedules stay on track and downtime on live buildings is minimal.

6. Prokol pure polyurea 260-FR is spray-applied, setting in less than a minute. 1400% elongation in the coating protects against thermal shifts which cause cracking and eventual water ingress in traditional roofing systems. Following the coating application, the roof is trafficable in under 5 minutes.

5. A self-adhesive carrier sheet is applied directly to insulation panels. 6. Fast-setting Prokol pure polyurea 260-FR is spray-applied at 2.5mm DFT.
With a 30 year product warranty as standard, our highly effective systems use only top quality products to deliver the ultimate in long-term waterproofing solutions - and all at surprisingly competitive prices.

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