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Born and raised in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. Rick Parma has always wanted to capture an audience with his passion for music since he was 8 years old. At the age of 14 he was given his first tool to make that happen when he picked up the saxophone. Over twenty years later, he has developed his voice as his second tool to continue his life long dream.


This artist is driven by a passionate, direct approach that make up for something more than just a skilled instrumentalist. When Rick plays his saxophone he focuses on the feeling. Music is first and foremost an expression. It's about the energy that gets released in a room, when musicians can create just that perfect vibe, that feel and that charisma, which in a moment feeds back to the audience, whose response goes back to the band, just like a spark.


And then he takes the microphone... Everything that he has ever known about music through his saxophone, has now seamlessly switched gears and redirected to his lips and vocal chords. What you hear is a controlled full-range voice with power, sweetness, tonality, flexibility, smoothness, and style that is awe inspiring.

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Rick's own brand of concert events
Rick provides his fans with hot new talent and the top international touring artists in the industry. Rick also focuses on finding unique, and classy venues to host his Adult Jazz Concerts
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Rick's Music


This fiery latin track is CALIENTE! Sexy, sultry, smooth, intense, and WOW are just a few words to describe this collaboration. Rick Parma is stellar as a saxophonist and singer but his ability to choose musicians to work with is just as fine tuned. Greg Adams is the best choice for Besame Caliente. His unique sound and amazing jazz approach was the perfect fit to complete this track.


This album has everything a contemporary jazz album should. Rick’s saxophone soars over beautifully produced tracks. His vocals (yes, his vocals) are smooth and stylish. He pulls you in close so that you can feel everything he is singing. REVIEWS: “Best when you want a peaceful, soothing, tranquil musical catalogue to delicately slip into your soul” - MusicEmissions.com

“Simply put – Rick Parma is awe-inspiring” - GigBand.com

“It just makes things feel better.” - AllWhatsRock.com

“All the elements that make a fantastic smooth jazz record.” - IndieShark.com

RICK's first 2 CDs


This album was the last thing Rick did before packing up his truck and moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. 9 tracks that truly show you the heart of Rick’s creative style.


Rick Parma’s debut album Features hypnotic hip hop grooves, smooth melodies, and passionate sax to 9 tracks that get you in the mood.

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Rick is one of the very few artists out there that truly focuses on marketing. So he developed his weekly e-blast and has grown it to over 10,000 fans and still growing.

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a non profit Organization.

Rick is also the CEO and founder of Jazz For ADHD. A non profit Organization dedicated to helping others struggling with the effects of ADHD symptoms.

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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.com


Management Gazelle Jacobs:



Rick does all his own graphics, online content, marketing, and recordings.

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Rick Parma


Some photos have been provided by Mikey Cohen, Mario Panzarino, and jack Cohen.

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