Selective Breeding By Phong Bui and Andrew Taylor

What is selective breeding?

Selective breeding is the process of where animals or plants are bred together in order for a desired trait. The process is usually done by crossing two members of the same species with dominant alleles for a certain gene like long life or quick metabolism. This advancement in biotechnology could really help in things like agriculture and some other things.

How does it work?

After a cross has happened between two members of the same species with dominant alleles, the offspring will most likely show all the desired traits that were wanted. The offspring could be termed as a Hybrid after the mating of the parents. Sometimes professional breeders will use a gene bank allowing for heterozygous offspring with retained features for the first breeding group and readied for the second breeding group.

Why is it useful?

Selective breeding is used for Domesticated animals in order to ensure their offspring will inherit a certain phenotype, as with plants for crops. It can be used to ensure something like how much a milk a cow produce. If for example a cow that produces a large amount of milk is bred with another similar cow then the offspring should be the same. Most of the time selective breeding is used for the advancement or the benefit of our own lives and some other species.

Problems/ethical concerns with selective breeding

Sometimes the process of selective breeding can be used very immorally. In some cases when people want an animal to fit their predetermined mold, they risk the animal for many health problems. You could also look at the case for plants as well. For example if you look at bananas, we needed to replace the Gros Michel with the Cavendish. Now that they replaced it the Cavendish is now threatened. People have the ability to use this improperly and can ruin many things so regulations are a big obligation for selective breeding to be used correctly.

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