First year at camp: 2010

What are your 1st memories of getting off the bus your very 1st summer?

My first memories of getting of the bus my first summer: I remember seeing all the counselors holding up signs with bunk numbers and names. I was wondering who was going to be in my bunk and who I would be sleeping next to.

What do you think is the prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate the beauty of Tyler Hill?

The prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate: The water ski lake is my favorite place to step back and appreciate the beauty of THC!

What are 2 or 3 things you've learned about yourself over the course of your time at THC?

2 or 3 things I’ve learned about myself: THC has taught me how to be independent, confident and to just be myself. It’s not about quantity but it’s about quality of friends.

Has there been a counselor at THC that has really made an impact on you? Who and why?

Erin Goldberg has made a huge impact on me at THC. She has showed me how counselors and campers are not only friends but family and that’s very important to me.

What's your single greatest memory at THC?

My single greatest memory at THC was winning color war captain.

What one piece of advice do you want to share with younger campers?

One piece of advice I want to share: Make the most of every minute at THC because it goes by too quickly!!!!! THC is my home away from home!!!!

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