Worldview WHAT IS YOURS?

This week we are talking about worldview. The way we perceive the world. We all have a lens from which we interpret our surroundings. If we want to change behaviors we need to start with the worldview we have, because it is out of our worldview, that we form our beliefs and values. We went through three of the main worldview paradigms African, Asian and Western and explained the Christ-centered worldview. That the way we live should be through the lens of Christ. All our values and our beliefs should come from out of who He is and what He would have done. A lot of people live from out of a worldview where they look at their faith through a cultural-worldview, or out of a situational-worldview/ self-centered worldview.

What is your worldview?

There was a school of fish swimming in the ocean, one day one of the elders swam past the little ones and asked them how cold is this water? And the little one replied “What is water?” What is your worldview is the same concept, it is all around us.

Be sensitive for the question; why? Why am I doing this, why do I have these emotions? Then ask where does this come from? Is it because of God's truth or is it because of a conditioning of this world?

Through what glasses are you looking at the world?

Think about it and may you have great discussions as a family.

Be blessed!

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Werner Janse van Rensburg


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