When I went to the E.R. for a broken nail. JEssica Evans

I was at work at Great American Gymnastics Express coaching a recreational class. There was a little boy who wanted to do something unsafe with the trap-ease bars. I said no and took one of them away and was holding onto it. He got very angry and threw the other one at me and it hit my hand as just the right angle. It broke through my fake acrylic nail and my real nail and it was hanging off with blood everywhere.

I left the class and went to the office. Crying, I told her what happened and she called my mom. My mom picked me up, being that we are both dramatic, she said I needed to go to the E.R. I thought they were going to cut my finger off.

This is all I saw and what I waited 2 hours in.

Upon arrival at the E.R. I was lightheaded, pretty sure I thought I was going to bleed out, I and made my mom take me inside with a wheelchair. They took forever to get me in to see the doctor. Finally they came in. They had to cut my nail and glue the rest of it back together. It was honestly painless!

Going back in time about an hour, I had to call my basketball coach to tell him I would be late to practice due to a traumatic incident that caused me to be hospitalized. He freaked out until he found out said incident was a broken nail.... I sent him pictures of the damage because he was being a hater.

This is what he looked like yelling at me.

My nail eventually grew back and was fine but until then my assistant basketball coach, who was very attractive, had to wrap my finger before every single game. So it honestly turned out to be a win for me.

TA-DA!! the end.
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Jessica Evans


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