Reflective Journal 4 Thomas cheshire

On Monday me and Shawn went into a room and recorded our conversation about what we've done, what went well, what didn't go well and our ideas on the game. It went well since we talked for up to 7 minutes, even though we got off track at the end by talking about something other than the game but otherwise it went well.

Now I've done some work on my level designs researched, the levels my game is going to have is Grasslands, Desert and Dungeon. I have collected pictures of pictures that are similar to my level designs so that i can have a better idea what i want my levels to look like. What i think went well is the words i typed in to describe it since it all made sense and it described it well. what i don't think went well is the pictures since i ran out of room in a matter of seconds which

On Tuesday I did a bit more research into The Shannara Chronicles by watching more of the series, it helped me with a few ideas but it hasn't given me much

On Thursday me and Shawn worked on the game mechanics research, more specifically the movement, shooting, health bar, pause menu and animations. We did this by collecting in images that related to the topic and then explaining why we chose the pictures and what the mechanic is. We also did a voice recording which can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

On Friday I typed in the 3 different game ideas me and Shawn thought of in the past before we decided on The Elemental Flux idea. The idea called The Mist Of Darkness is my favorite one since it has more of a story line to it than the other 2 previous idea's.

I have drawn some images of a sword and a female character for our game and i soon plan to scan it into the system. It wasn't hard at all, it was pretty easy except for the female which was much harder to draw

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