AJT take on Taurus Shear Baler

AJT Recycling Ltd was set up ten years ago by Andrew Thomas. The company is the go-to scrap metal recycling site in Swansea, specialising in scrap metal and end of life cars. The range of scrap metal they take in, includes; steel, iron, lead, stainless steel, copper, silver, nickel, brass, gold, bronze and aluminum. AJT can also take care of numerous types of batteries, to take away the hassle. With a range of regular customers from the general public, small private companies and larger firms, they provide a quality and efficient services for all.

The majority of their dealings comes from the leading market, with local steel works in Cardiff and Sims UK who export processed metal from AJT, out of Avonmouth Docks.

Already a customer, having purchased two Fuchs material handlers in the past, AJT approached Blue Southern as they were in the market for a new Shear Baler, as the Shear Press that they were previously operating was now over seven years old. They saw the need for a new Shear Baler for several reasons. Firstly, they had recently got involved with a ship breaking outfit, whereby they would need to shear barges coming out of Swansea dry dock, which needed a bigger machine with a bit more power. However, the main purpose for the new machine was to cut costs, as cold cutting is a than cheaper than hot cutting, whilst also being a lot safer.

Managing Director of AJT, Andrew Thomas comments on the benefits he is seeing from the new Taurus Shear Baler: “With this machine being 1000 tonnes compared to our old 600 tonne Baler, the extra power is allowing us to compress the car bales to a smaller size. The machine is a lot denser which means we are seeing a higher quality end product. The Baler is also very very fast, with some operators finding it hard to keep up with it! It’s a very good piece of kit, I’m a happy man”.

Andrew didn’t look at any alternatives to Taurus when choosing his new Shear Baler, as the one he previously had from Taurus did an excellent job, however it was just a case of needing a refresh as the old machine was starting to tire. AJT are been a longstanding customer of blue, this is evident through the shear baler and a number of Fuchs 350F and E Series, all of which were serviced and maintained by Blue.

“Working on this project with Andrew and Jonathan has for me been the highlight of 2019. From the initial discussion to the factory visits in Italy, to installation and commissioning AJT Recycling have been the perfect customer. Andrew knew exactly what he wanted and the design team at CEG Taurus were able to take Andrews ideas and turn them into the 1000 tonne shear baler he has today. AJT already have a 600 tonne Taurus shear baler on site, and it was the build quality and reliability of this machine that made Taurus the front runner for the new machine. Designed and built from quality materials the plant should last between 15 and 25 years, I would like to thank Andrew for putting his faith in Taurus and Blue group and I would also like to thank Jonathan Davies for his professionalism and attention to detail during negotiating right through to commissioning”.

Richard Creighton, Blue Southern Salesmen.