Texas Reconstruction By: jordan craig


Reconstruction is the process that the South states are taking to reconstruct The goverment that They have created and have been destroyed in the civil war. In this process they will rebuild there government so they can finally be excepted into the union once again. Reconstruction is a important piece for the southern states to be accepted into the union again and if not finished well they might be left on their own and to fend for them selves. The south right now is in shambles and I think this reconstruction will give the south more time to think about the many ways they can improve this country as a whole.


Lincolns original plan for reconstruction was that in all states if 10% of the voters in that state swore a oath of allegiance to the union they could be re-admitted into the union. Since Lincoln has been tragically murdered after he defeated the south. Johnson has been elected to be the new union president he has created a new plan. He wants to pardon people who take a oath, but there will not be pardons to confederate officials, slavery needs to be completely abolished from the state, and the state also has to repeal its secession ordinance. These are now the new rules for Souths reconstruction.


Gordon Granger is a Army Officer and was also a Union General while the Civil War was going on. He came to Texas to tell everyone the joyous news.... THE SLAVES ARE FREE! He came to Texas on June nineteenth and now that day is Know as Juneteenth the newly freed slaves have said they will celebrate this day every year forever. The freedmen say that on Juneteenth they felt as happy as ever and are so excited to be free. A new organization has opened Called the Freedman's Bureau it will provide education, clothing, and even help the freedman find jobs.

New Constitution

In the new constitution it basically says that the freedman are "freed" slaves. Now that the "ex" confederates are taking over they refuse to let the freedman feel free. They have set black codes that state that they may only work in agricultural business and work and must be monitored closely.

Radical Reconstruction Begins

Congress has reconstructed the reconstruction plan, and have decided to make five districts of reconstruction forces set in each state. Th y are over-ruling the confederates elected to office. The military districts are there to enforce these news laws. They also want everyone to take the ironclad oath to join the union once again.

Freedman Get The Vote

The freedman have the right to vote and the freedman burea in helping them by registering them to vote. Thousands of freedman have registered so far, but now a radical racist group called the KKK is threatening many freedman to note vote or even register. The KKK is even targeting the carpetbaggers and scalawags. They have threatened to kill many and have tortured others.

Reconstruction Ends

Reconstruction has ended in Texas in 1877. Many white people are upset about the freedman still but Reconstruction is over so no one can tell what the future holds. Many freedman have moved to small rural villages its only freedman occupants so they can live a long peaceful life and avoid as much confrontation as possible. In 1872 the first African American man was elected to office and that is a giant step towards equality.

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