Experience our Athletics creating leaders with unstoppable work ethics

Our activity programs are led by experienced, caring professionals who demonstrate high expectations for the success of all student athletes. Our coaches, advisors, and directors take personal responsibility for individual and program continuous improvement.

Providing Opportunities

Our students benefit from strong athletic offerings led by expert and professional coaches. Our school size allows students to pursue their passions in highly competitive programs without having to be a single-sport specialist. There are opportunities to compete intensely in your favorite sport, but to also join a new sport in a different season.

Building Leaders

We support the overall mission of Holy Family Catholic High School by developing servant leaders who are empowered to excel now and in the future. We value: Seeing the big picture; Encouraging the highest moral standards in competition and life; Communicating effectively with staff, students, parents, and the media; Offering academic support; Creating a positive learning environment.

Creating Champions

We believe winning comes from a combination of talent, work ethic, a passion for excellence, and knowledgeable coaches. In our 20-year history, we've accumulated an impressive 9 State Team Championship in a variety of sports, 14 State Individual Championships, and won 70+ conference titles.

Supporting athletes

Our Fire Superfans show up to cheer each other on and support their classmates and peers. Famous for the rollercoaster and "HOLY FAMILY" chant, our fans are the extra teammate from the stands. The Holy Family Booster Club supports the efforts of all activities and helps to fund special projects to enhance the Holy Family athletic experiences.

Here's what Joe Salz '12 - (Holy Family State Championship Baseball team's third baseman, Captain of HF Cross Country team, drummer for the Jazz band, and member of the Math League) had to say:

"HF gives students the opportunity to both refine their current interests and explore new ones. If you enjoy playing sports, but want to try out a music class, go for it! I owe a lot to my Holy Family coaches and teachers; they helped shape me into who I am today."


Will Heller