Peeta Mellark i won't be a piece in there game

As i was in the hunger games i keep on telling myself that i won't be a piece in there game that this game won't change who i'am in any way whats so ever but i keep thinking that it will change me and if i change i might never go back to the person i used to be.I hate to think about that.

The song that i would listen to is "Anything Right" by P.O.D because this song is about not doing anything right and the person is trying to do something right.This song relates to me because i don't do somethings right and that's why I grew up in an abusive home and my mother would often yell at me and say "you can do anything right peeta"but now i'm trying to win the hunger games for my district.

My father owns the districts bakery in district 12 and i help around the bakery i make the loafs of bread and I decorate the goods.This is where i discovered my love for art.I also had a crush on katniss everdeen ever since I was five.

Peeta Mellark born October 11th 16 year old male participated in the 74th annual Hunger Games along side his star cross lover katniss everdeen from district 12.Peeta Mellark won the 74th annual Hunger Games along side Katniss everdeen by tricking the game makers and making them think him and katniss where going to eat poison berries and kill themselves and the game makers wont have a winner for the games.

My favorite skill that i have is my art skills because this skill helped me so much in the hunger games because i would color the mud i found in the woods and paint my self with it and some players wouldn't find me hiding.Also art is one of the many things i like to do.

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