Erasmus Meeting in Greece April 16th - 20th, 2018

Day 1- In school and in Tessaloniki

Schirin, 8d:

In the morning of the first day of the Erasmus+ meeting in Greece, all of us met in school at 8:45am to be greeted very kindly by the Greek students and teachers.

After the speech from the principal, the guests from Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Norway and Portugal held presentations about their country, some were films other were power point presentations.

Then when every country had finished we had a workshop called “Roots” where every country planted a small plant in the school yard and wrote or drew something on the side of the pot.

Then we went inside the auditorium and were devided into 6 different groups to work on presentations about the refugee crisis on which we worked for about one hour.

After working, the kind host parents prepared a very big and tasty buffet lunch for us. When everyone was done with eating, we went to make a tour around Thessaloniki where we for example saw the White tower, Alexander the Great and more.

At about 5pm we were free to spend time with our hosts and friends. We went to take a walk at the port and to eat something together.

Day 2- in school

The guest teachers held lessons in various classes in the morning. Afterwards the results of the logo competition were announced and Slovenia won with its beautiful logo of a suitcase containing things from all of our partner countries.

After lunch we had a round table discussion with the Vice President of the Greek Council for Refugees on the refugee crisis and the challenge for everyone involved.

One student from each country had the chance to tell the others about how this crisis effects them and everyone could ask questions and participate in the the discussion.

We then had a free afternoon to explore rhe city.

Day 3-

Aurora, 10b:

We met at 08.30 and took a bus to NOESIS, Thessaloniki’s Science Center and Technology Museum.

When we arrived there we were divided us into 2 tour groups- one for the hosts in Greek and one for the guests in English. We started with the car exhibition, our guide told us about the first car and cars that “changed the world”.

Then we moved on to the Invention exhibition, we were allowed to try every invention for ourselves, for example a hamster wheel with which you can generate electricity.

When we returned to schooll we took part in the workshop “Passengers”, a role- playing activity run by the “Theater in Education” organizations and the UN Refugee agency. We met in a classroom with a sack filled with colorful scarves. Everyone took out a scarf and then turned to the people who had the same color. Each group got a worksheet on which we should write our family data; we had to put ourselves in the role of a refugee family. With the beginning of the role play had to cover our eyes with our scarves and look for our group members. When that was done, we were allowed to take our blindfolds off except the head of the group, we ran down the stairs that were prepared as a minefield.

We were pushed into a room that was supposed to be the night, we had to be quiet. Then we came to the border and had to fill out a form , after this they decided if we are accepted or deported. If you were deported, you were sent to jail. If you are accepted, you won the game. It was a very interesting game and now we can imagine how real refugees must ferl. At 17.00 the role play ended and we were allowed to go home.

Day 4- in Virgina

Benjamin, 8d:

We left the house around 8 am and we arrived at school around 8:30. The bus was already there and we took off for ,,Vergina”- a small village that became famous because the graves of Alexander the Great‘s father Philipp the 2nd and his son were found in 1977. These are two of the graves which hadn’t been destoyed by grave robbers. We had a guided tour through the museum, but it wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Here we could see the gold and jewels which were found in the graves as well as the urns of the deceased.

After the visit of the museum we drove another half an hour to a restaurant at the coast , where we had lunch and stayed another 2-3 hours. Around 4:30 pm we left for Thessaloniki.

Day 5: our last day😢

Evelyn, 10d

Friday was the last day of the Erasmus+ project. We had to be at the school at 8am because wie had to write aour English classtest. While writing the classtest we sadly missed the projects from each country with the theme „Heimat". At 10.30 am the workshop "Life skills" by the british council began. Each group had to discuss if they would rent their house to people in different situations in life. After discussing the results from each group the interesting workshop ended.

.A dance workshop began at 1pm after a short break. The sports teacher from Thema school taught us Greek dances to Greek music which was a lot of fun!

After we stayed in our host families for 4 hours the final evening began. Each group showed their presentations of the week on the topic of the refugee crisis, showing a film , having a discussion or a poster.

Then there was a huge dinner with everybody and loud music. It was an amazing evening. There was nobody who didn't cry😢

Day 6-

saying farewell to Greece and its amazing & fantastic people. Again, thank you Despina & team for a wonderful week😘

The End

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