Tribes Video treament by jason kitts

Tribes is a tale of a turbulent love story that ends in tragedy. Through deja vu the couple is given another chance to correct their mistakes 50 years later, after an untimely death claims the female.

With a strict narrative and perfectly synced story-to-song interactions we are aiming to make an experience that keeps viewers invested in the characters and connected to the music.

Man chasing car down dark, moody road.

Verse one

We open with build up of song intro. Establishing shots are shown in quiet countryside. Dense trees hug both sides of narrow highway. (0.00-0.29). A man is seen running down a quiet road in a panic. it is revealed he is chasing an older car. As the man runs we are shown standout items from the road. Fallen tree, unique signage, unique flowers etc. As the man approaches a bend in the road, a sight is revealed ahead of him that makes him stop in his tracks. shocked, he stands gazing down the road. Cut to house interior.

1940-1960 period styling. Dense, atmospheric setting.

(0:29) We see a man, and a woman sitting in opposite ends of a kitchen. Broken plates, smashed phases, ripped papers all scattered in the aftermath of an argument. Flashbacks are shown of a heated argument between couple. In the heat of he argument she is seen pushing him in anger. Smashing vase with (unique, standout) flowers in it. Shots cut in and out of Simon and Sam performing on a quiet road. With an out of focus car, crashed and smoking in a ditch behind them. Smoke from the wreck heavy thouhout the scene, creating dark atmosphere. As hook one approaches. The woman gathers her things and leaves. Getting in her car with the man pleading for her to leave. Teary eyed, she continues to drive away as the man gives chase.

Hook one

Hook one begins where verse one ends, and the intro began. We are shown the same shot of the man chasing down the road. Approaching the bend. It is finaly revealed that the upsetting sight he finds is the woman's car. Crashed on the side of the road. The man runs to her aid. The woman stand in perfect condition in the centre of the road. Wearing a white dress as she calmly watches the man run past her. To the vehicle. Cut to verse 2.

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